The Perfect Cabrini

By Katie Bonanni
September 27, 2010

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go to a different school, or maybe even just make Cabrini the perfect school that I would want it to be.  So, if I could imagine anything that I would want to change about Cabrini it would be more parking spots, better food and a campus that isn’t deserted on weekends.

The first thing that needs to be added to our tiny little campus is a more parking lots or perhaps a rumored parking garage. Everyday commuter students rush to campus in the morning just to even find a parking spot on campus, let alone one that would actually be close to their class.

There is parking available on Valley Forge’s campus and there is a shuttle that buses students back and forth between the lot and campus. Let’s face it, who really wants to leave for class a half hour earlier than needed to sit and wait for a shuttle.

Cabrini can fix these problems by either building a parking garage or purchasing more surrounding land to expand the existing parking lots. Both of these ideas would be costly but would solve a major problem on campus.

The second idea that needs to be addressed in the food here at Cabrini.  There are only a total of  three different food establishments for students to chose from and all of these places have limited hours of operation. For athletes who end practice late at night, the only option for a place a grab a bite to eat is Sandella’s. The selection is limited and it is pretty easy to get tired of.

The cafeteria is only open till 7 p.m. on most nights, then students are forced to go to Sandella’s or Jazzman’s. What happens when students run out of flex at the end of the semester?

I guess we could resort to calling Campus Corner or Winger’s but that could get pretty pricey after a while. Some solutions to this problem could be opening another cafeteria on campus or maybe even a 24- hour food establishment.

Ideally, Cabrini could offer the option of using flex dollars at off campus locations, somewhat like the Villanova Wildcard. Students could scan their cards at places like Campus Corner, Winger’s and even some restaurants around Wayne such as the Great American Pub and the Boat House. This idea would solve the problem of the limited hours that food is available on campus and it would give students more of a variety to choose from instead of just eating the same food everyday.

Do you ever imagine tumbleweeds rolling across campus when you venture out of your dorm on a weekend?

Every Friday, Cabrini’s campus is vacated by students who go home for the weekend and do not return until Sunday or Monday. What is there really to stay for on the weekends anyway? Cabrini needs to give more activities as incentives for students to stay and enjoy weekends on campus. A solution to this would be to provide more activities for students to take part in on campus, not just off-campus field trips.  Another solution, which is rather farfetched, would be to open a bar on campus.  I think this is still a good idea because it would keep students from drinking and driving.  Also, instead of students moving off campus it would give them more of an incentive to want to live on campus all four years.

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Katie Bonanni

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