The Musica society puts on another stellar performance

By Sara Horan
May 13, 2021

One of the many great programs that Cabrini offers in the performing arts department is the Musica society. The society is a presenting organization at Cabrini University. Through concerts, workshops and guest artists and composers the musica society is committed to the creation, promotion, understanding, and performance of music, with a particular focus on new music. 

The musica society is administered and operated by Cabrini University students, under the supervision of its adviser, Dr. Stephen Grieco, who is an experienced Teacher, Administrator, and Leader with more than 15 years of progressive leadership experience having served as Vice President of Academic Affairs, chief administrative officer, Dean of Arts & Humanities and Music Department Chair. As a teacher and composer, his compositions have been recorded, published, and performed in Europe and throughout the United States. Some highlighted awards for his music include the North American Artist Foundation, Pro Musica, Cleveland Chamber Symphony and the Contemporary Music Society. His scholarly achievements have been presented and acknowledged as a guest composer and lecturer at national conferences, colleges, and universities including New York University, Ball State University, and the University of Arizona.

Each year the students of the musica society put on a concert that features instrumental and vocal performances as well as original music compositions, and songs. The students featured in this society have been taking music classes including Hip Hop songwriting, Music Technology, Music composition, Private Lessons and Instrumental Ensemble just to name a few.

On Wednesday, April 28, the musica society presented its second virtual performing arts showcase. The showcase involved many students as they sang, danced, played instruments, etc.  Sophomore Piper Bryne sang “I know the truth” from “Aida.” “I chose to sing this song because I think Aida is an underrated musical and the music is so beautiful. The song also fits very well in my range and has so much emotion that I wanted to bring to life,” Bryne said. 

Bryne has been working on this with her vocal coach Perry on and off throughout the semester in her voice lessons. “It was nice to be able to record something to show people and it was nice to see other people do the same. However of course I do think the concert being virtual does take away a little bit.” Bryne added. “Music sounds better live. I don’t think a recording does anyone justice but hopefully next year we may be able to perform live.”

Junior Luke Mcdevitt was also another performer at the showcase. Mcdevitt played the guitar and has been playing since he was a freshman at Cabrini. “I remember seeing a guitar class available on the term master schedule while registering for classes and decided to sign up,” Mcdevitt said. The showcase was Mcdevitt’s very first virtual concert and he and his friend Tom Ngo collaborated on the song “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam. “ I started rehearsing the song in mid-February and practiced for a solid 2 and a half hours a day leading up to the recording on March 30,” Mcdevitt said. 

When Mcdevitt started playing guitar he would have never imagined performing at a virtual concert. However, he did not mind a virtual concert after all. “It was way less stressful performing virtually because I could take as many records until I thought it was perfect and no one would know. I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes for an in-person concert next year though,” Mcdevitt added.

Luke Mcdevitt performing “Just Breathe.” This screenshot was taken by Sara Horan.
Piper Bryne singing “I know the truth.” This screenshot was taken by Sara Horan.

Sara Horan

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