The “If I Don’t Make It Home” Bag

By Brianne Drissel
September 13, 2012

The “If I Don’t Make It Home” Bag

As the sun rays begin to shine through and the clock tower on campus begins to ring, your eyes quickly snap open, and you awake to find that you are in an unfamiliar place. Where are you? You’re not exactly sure. Then, as you pull the covers off from over you, you turn and come face to face with this stunningly gorgeous guy sound asleep right next to you. Now, before you are able to bask in the ambiance, you manage to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror across the room, and let’s be honest, there’s no easy way to say this, but you look like a train wreck. Your once beautiful eye make-up from the night before is now smudged down your face, lip stick smear marks down your chin, a hair style quite similar to the (God rest her soul) Amy Winehouse beehive hair do, and to top it all off, you’ve got a splitting headache no amount of Gatorade or Advil will cure.

A long wild night out never did any girl good the morning after. To guarantee  you’re better prepared the next time you find yourself in a situation such as this, follow these tips and the “If I don’t make it home” bag will have you back to your beautiful self in no time!

First things First, when you’re getting ready to go out for the evening, you should always apply waterproof mascara. This will prevent that unattractive smudging we talked about earlier! As you’re heading out the door, double check your “If I don’t make it home” bag for all the essentials.

Lip gloss is a super-quick way to illuminate your face, after you’ve applied the product to the lips, dab the excess product onto your checks and lightly blend. This will act as a temporary blush. Don’t forget concealer, because what girl doesn’t already carry this on them at all times.

Greasy hair can easily be cured with a touch of baby powder to the roots, you can purchase small carry-on sized packets at any local Walmart. In a rush and no time to fix your locks? Try a quick fix look like a top bun or a flirty ponytail to hide an untamed mane.

Most importantly, don’t forget a Wisp (disposable mini-toothbrush) to leave you with a fresh mouth that required no water or rinsing! Now, keep in mind, these tips only work if you haven’t lost the bag like you mostly likely lost your iphone, and even if that happens, remember you can always grab an oversized pair of sunglasses and simply go incognito for the rest of the day!

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Brianne Drissel

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