GAGA makes history

By Natalie Crawford
February 23, 2011

The newest released single by the artist Lady Gaga is now the fastest selling debut on iTunes ever. It reached No. 1 on the iTunes charts in 22 countries,  Billboard’s 1,000 No. 1 hit and has been played thousands of times on on-air radio, breaking the history of the charts.

It was the fastest downloaded single on the iTunes chart in just the small span on five days.“Born This Way” was released on Feb. 11, two days earlier than planned. T

he single was expected to be released during her 2011 Grammy performance but Gaga tweeted that she could not wait any longer.“I heard ‘Born This Way’ at like 8 a.m. the day it came out and I started jumping up and down screaming.

I was so excited and I loved it,” Kadee Schwalm, junior business administration major, said.This new song, which has now been labeled the new gay anthem by the legend Sir Elton John, has had some mixed reviews. Fans are either ecstatic or extremely disappointed.

Those that are not fans of Gaga hate it because they think it’s a rip off of Madonna’s 1989 single, “Express Yourself.”“I heard it on Saturday after it first came out for the first time on the way to the mall.

I actually didn’t like it at first but I’m like that with any song I hear for the first time. I came back from the mall, went to my room and I literally listened to it seven times and now I love it,” Megan Sokolowski, sophomore communication major, said.

The controversy that emerged from “Born This Way” was the comparison to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Madonna is one of Lady Gaga’s major influences in her career, however the talk is that it is “Express Yourself” with a “heavier eclectic vibe.” If anything, “Born This Way” is a tribute to Madonna. “I heard it the day it was released.

I first heard it and I thought “this song sounds familiar.” I thought it was plagarism,” Michael Wehrman, Asst professor of Criminology, said.Lady Gaga was interviewed on Jay Leno the day after the Grammys. One of the topics that was presented to her during the interview was this controversy.

Her immediate response was, “There really is no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me.

I am the hugest fan personally and professionally.” Gaga also said that she received an email from Madonna saying that she supports the single and loves it.During the 53rd Grammy awards, Lady Gaga won three Grammys for female pop vocal performance, pop vocal album and best short form music video.

For some, it was the first time hearing “Born This Way.”“The first time I heard it was at the Grammys. My immediate reaction was that it was the worst song I’ve ever heard. I felt like compared to her other songs, it’s not catchy,” Kimberly Carlson, junior political science major, said.Another stir-up at the Grammys was her entrance in an egg, or “vessel” as she calls it, during her interview with Jay Leno.

She was living in the egg for three days before her performance. People have questioned her reasoning as to what the meaning of the egg was. She was interviewed on Good Morning America Thursday, Feb. 17 and she said that the meaning is rebirth: rebirth of herself as an artist and rebirth of her new album.

She said that everyone should have a rebirth at some point in their lives.“With her strong affiliations with the gay community, ‘Born This Way’ is all about that and I think that defines her as an artist. She wants to be known as someone that has meaning and support and can make music that people like,” Sokolowski said.Gaga’s goal is to be an inspiration to everyone. “I think she is very creative and I love everything that she speaks for and that she doesn’t care what people think about her,” Schwalm said.

“She is really inspirational and for me personally, she makes me not want to be so afraid.”“Born This Way” is a song that hopes to inspire everyone to be confident with themselves and to love themselves for who they are and not what society wants them to be.

“I think it’s amazing. It tells people to be who they are. Someone yelled at me about being too tall and I yelled back, ‘baby I was born this way,’” Brittany Hume said.Since the release of “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga has become a head-turning celebrity of the 21st century. Nothing will hold her back or get in her way. Gaga is virtually unstoppable. The scheduled release date for her album is May 23.

“I saw her in concert in September and I was front row. It was at the Wells Fargo center and it was amazing. The floor is all general admission so we got there really early. Girls were wearing caution tape and another girl had a bubble outfit on.

“Dance in the Dark” and “Speechless” were my favorite songs that she performed. While she was performing “Speechless” she was playing the piano and it was on fire,” Peter Morrison, junior education major, said.This hard-working Italian New Yorker wants everyone to know the true meaning of “Born This Way.”“It’s about being able to know that when you were born, you weren’t just born in that moment,”

Lady Gaga during an the interview with Lay Leno, said.“You have your entire life to realize the person you are potentially going to become and whoever you choose to be was part of your destiny.”

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Natalie Crawford

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