The feud between two rap stars continues

By Pryce Jamison
October 31, 2020

Photo from CNN.
Photo from CNN.

Going from a happy to a disastrous relationship is something many of us can say we’ve lived through, so it’s even more attention grabbing when it occurs to our favorite celebrities. After months, the tensions in this Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez situation are still at its peak, which has definitely contributed to the strange year of 2020 that we’ve all become accustomed to.

Daystar Peterson, now famously known as Tory Lanez, is a Canadian rap artist that has surely planted his foot into notoriety over the last few years. The same can be said for Houston rap artist Megan Pete, also known as Megan Thee Stallion, and they are both relatively young talents that have made a name for themselves in our current generation of hip-hop. Their bond was tight, and it became apparent to both of their fan bases that they were close friends, even to the point where some media outlets started to speculate they were most likely a couple. The event that took place on the night of July 11 took an aggressive turn, coming so suddenly and unexpectedly to the rap game, and the overall media.

Megan was on Instagram live with Kylie Jenner at a Hollywood residence earlier that night, which was the last time they were seen by somewhat of the public eye. Next thing you know, police received a disturbance call from outside of the Hollywood residence around 4 a.m. Lanez was later arrested on a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon in the vehicle.

Megan exited the SUV while appearing wounded, as police tried to figure out what was going on. Photo from TMZ.

When it was apparent that Megan was bleeding from her foot as she walked from the vehicle, you knew there was a controversial connection. Claims from her at the hospital said she indeed suffered gunshot wounds, which she continued to back up on social media a few days later on the 15th.

Her fans were outraged and didn’t hesitate to back her up, as well as many others that simply wanted to empower her and frown upon Tory. Whether it was in the form of direct distaste with why he would feel the need to do such a thing, or in memes, he was getting targeted everywhere on social media and Tory’s fan base needed answers before watching his career start to diminish.

“If he indeed shot her I believe that was a true sign of weakness and an accurate representation of what it’s like being a black woman in this world, let alone one in the rap/hip-hop industry,” Noel Faragalli, an alumna and a fan of Megan Thee Stallion, said. Megan and other female celebrities continued to embrace this notion, as Megan stated that black women are “unprotected and we hold so many things in to protect the feelings of others without considering our own.”

Even through the slander he had to endure through the rest of the summer, Lanez was able to give his take of the night and his side of the story. Megan quickly shut down TMZ reports suggesting that her foot was cut from broken glass, and Tory backed up this claim, continued to deny him firing the weapon, and even mentioned that he still loves and views her as his friend regardless of what she feels right now. Over the past couple of months, he’s been more open through things such as his music and Instagram live, to make sure he is not the villain in this equation.

“I’m not keeping up with the story that much in the media but it seems like he lost a fair share of fans and respect, especially from other artists,” Jack Quigg, Navy seaman and a fan of Tory Lanez’ music, said. “If he’ll ever recover fully, it’s going to take a while.” 

Going back to the week of when it happened, Lanez was initially released on July 16th when posting $35,000 bail, after the narrative on many reports and articles was widely looking like he shot her while she was trying to exit the SUV. His court was scheduled for October 13, and on that day he responded to a series of questions from the judge and did not enter a plea. His arraignment was postponed until Nov. 18, and was given a stay away order from the Houston rapper and asked to surrender all of his firearms.

If convicted, Lanez faces a maximum state prison sentence of 22 years and eight months, and Tory’s response to that was one that isn’t false, “a charge isn’t a conviction.” It’s going to be interesting to see how this all shapes out and what we continue to hear from both sides, and how Tory can recover and potentially climb out of such a predicament.

Pryce Jamison

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