Temp agencies aim to find quick employment

By Jennifer Ford
April 5, 2001

Where are you going to work?

This is the question that plagues the minds of teens and graduates. There is no need to worry. Finding a job can be as easy as checking your email.

Temporary employment agencies are a wonderful source for people looking for a job of interest or for people who need any job and they need it soon.

Temp agencies help a person use their hobbies and unique capabilities to find a part-time or full-time job. The main suggestion of these agencies is to be flexible.

A person may want to work in a bank. The job of teller is available immediately, but the teller has to be a rover. This means that the teller does not work at one bank all summer or for the duration or their career. The person must go from one bank to another bank in order to keep their job until a permanent position is available.

Online, a person can find out how to do an interview without being intimidated. There are websites on how to write and post resumes. Some jobs offer online interviews and applications for their company. The options are endless.

A tip for job seekers: keep resumes updated. Include positive information about yourself. Positive information leads to positive feedback.

“One of the best strategies in temping is simply to register with as many agencies as you can. The more agencies you’re registered with, the more work offers you get, and the more offers, the easier it is to find a decent, well-paying assignment. And if it’s done with respect, both the agency and the temp benefit,” wrote Angus B. Grieve-Smith, author of The Red Guide. This book is a guide on how to use temp agencies to a person’s advantage.

A third suggestion is to keep your contacts organized. One online site, Employment911.com, offers a hiring manger. The web based address book, calendar, tasks and email allow you to keep track of your applicants from anywhere in the world. The site can send a reminder of tasks and appointments by pager.

Finding a job is easy if you know where to go and who to contact.

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Jennifer Ford

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