Target’s illegal alien costume shocks, offends customers

By Michelle Costa
October 29, 2009

Halloween is the one time during the year where one can express personality, fear and complete craziness.

Or as the oh-so-memorable character from “Mean Girls” once said, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything.”

That may be fine for some individuals, but has Halloween become the one night a year where we can all dress up like illegal immigrants and no one can say anything? I think not, Cady Heron. This one is so not going to fly with me.

After first hearing about Target’s so-called clever costume I was nothing but disgusted by the thought of someone actually purchasing this item and essentially wearing it in public with no worries in the world.

The costume includes a hideous alien mask, an orange inmate jumpsuit with the imprinted words “ILLEGAL ALIEN” and oh, how could I forget, the handy Green Card that comes free with purchase.

I find it completely amazing that a company so globally recognized would subject themselves to such stupidity. We have found ourselves living in a world where there is such ignorance and demeaning behavior.

Every time the news flashes a picture of the disgusting costume I want to cringe, because these so-called “illegal immigrants” are just longing for a better life, longing to give their children food and not hear them say they are hungry as they desperately try to fall asleep.

We as Americans cannot be so blind and see these people with such hatred and disrespect. We need to treat these individuals with appreciation and respect.

These individuals are willing to do our dirty work just to be able to provide for their families, and to provide the possibility of a bright and successful future that they were never given and will ultimately never have.

The fact that this item was in stores was a complete disgrace and should be nothing but an embarrassment for all those involved with Target.

My question is what ridiculous parent would find this appropriate for their child? What happened to when kids wanted to only be pumpkins or ghosts?

I do not know when or how our country became so fixated on making fun of other nationalities, but call me when it stops because I certainly want no part in it.

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Michelle Costa

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