Taking the awkwardness out of ‘Sex Education’

By Jason Archer
March 11, 2019

“Sex Education” is a coming of age story about 16-year-olds, their life in high school, at home and most importantly about their sexual developments.

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The main story line unfolds around a boy named Otis. His mom is a sexual therapist, which makes sex and everything connected with it is harder for him to talk about. Ironically, Otis, who has very little experience and feels tremendously awkward when it comes to sex and relationships, is surprisingly good at giving advice on those subjects to others.

“The show really puts women’s rights at the center of the show and really teaches us about how to really treat a lady,” Griffin Shira, a sophomore psychology major, said.

This edgy cool girl Maeve, who is, as most would say, “way out of Otis’ league,” recognizes his “talent” and encourages him to start a sex clinic inside school. The story starts and we see several complex characters, who each have their own problems not only with sex, but also at school and with parents, developing throughout the show.

“The show really shows women how to handle situations when you find the right partner,” Maddy Wojton, an early childhood education and special education major, said. “Communication is prioritized throughout the show.”

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This series is very important to be seen, especially now. It opens a subject about sexual development of teenagers that should not be ignored. It also shows how everybody has their issues and nobody is perfect, and that there is an explanation to everything.

“The show really brings issues that many are too embarrassed to talk about to light,” Tori Kasper, a senior English, secondary education major, said.

Any teenager can find a character whom they relate to in the series. The show brings up the issue of bullying, which has affected millions. Even though there’s no excuse for it, we can still see the fact that everything happens for a reason, that everything has a start somewhere and that if we as a community help to find that start, we can also help one to get rid of their issues, feel full as a person and happy with who they are.

The show truly demonstrates that everybody is different and it is okay. We as a generation need to learn to communicate better not only with others but with our loved ones as well.

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Jason Archer

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