Take it all off

By Patricia J. Sheehan
September 29, 2006

Take it all off, the pounds that is. The racy striptease workout has dominated the workout world recently and who would exemplify the art of the perfect lap dance better than the alluring Carmen Electra?

Whether you think this particular way of shedding those unwanted pounds is genius or inappropriate the results of the workout cannot be denied; it works and it will come in handy with your special someone too.

“Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease,” the official name of the sassy little workout series, has been swamped up by fitness junkies everywhere and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to fade out anytime soon.

The workout is organized by five DVD’s with varying levels, themes and music selections.

Level one introduces you to the striptease basics, three dance sequences and a dancer’s warm up. This level will also allow users to focus on specified target areas dealing with thighs, buns, hips and abs.

Levels two through five offer different workouts with higher intensities integrated with stripper choreography.

Levels four and five will perfect your very own lap dance and you can say hello to a newly toned body.

“Yea!” was the universal response of freshmen, elementary education major Tricia Wall, psychology major Daria Cali, and elementary education major Sarah Murray when asked if they would try Electra’s workout.

“I think it would be a fun way to work out. People would try it because it would be more fun than just going to the gym,” Cali said.

Wall, Cali and Murray all said that they have tried other trend workouts like Pilates and all agree that the striptease workout would defiantly help get them into shape. They also said that sex sells, so people would buy it regardless of the toned body guarantee.

“I would go!” said Cali, when asked if she would attend similar workout routine classes if Cabrini offered them.

“It would be fun to go with your friends and just have a good time,” Murray said.

So if you’re looking to shed those unwanted pounds but are tired of sweaty corwd at the gym, the striptease workout is definatly something to try. You’ve got nothing to loose but the weight and nothing to gain but a healthier and sexier body so juststrip away.

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Patricia J. Sheehan

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