Juliano tags it up

By Jenay Smith
September 11, 2012

Tag-R-up Designs by Justin Juliano

Tag-R-up Designs garden flag.

Tar-R-up Designs was founded by freshmen Justin Juliano, secondary math education. Juliano is not one to stay indoors and loves to be in the great out doors.

“I’m an outdoors man,” Juliano said. “I like to go outside I like to go to the beach, I like to ride my bike. I never really do nothing.”

Juliano always had his hands in something and that was brought to life when he started his business Tag-R-up designs Aug of 2011.

Everything came about in July 2011 and he planned it for about a month.

Every business has a beginning and his started on the beach. One day as Juliano was sitting on the beach and a beach tagger came up to him and asked him for his beach tag.

People are known to collect beach tags and he thought is would be cool to put them all on something.

That night he went home and his business was born.

In 1976 in order to keep the beaches clean the city started a program where you pay for a piece of plastic, which is known as a beach Tag.

Certain people would go around and ask people on the beach for this tag and if they did not have the tag they would not be able to stay.

This still goes on today in Ocean City and 37 other towns. What keeps Juliano motivated?

“The drive always to come up with the next best thing and always keep the customers wanting more, Juliano said.”

Speaking of customers Diane Pappas a friend of Juliano extols Tag-R-up’s all around.

“I wanted to purchase from Tag-R-up because I have watched Justin grow up over the past 10 years and he has always shown leadership qualities,” Pappas said. “ I was impressed with this

entrepreneurial skills for such a young man.”

She describes her experience with Tag-R-up as professional and pleasant.

Some products Pappas would like to see Tag-R-up sell are bowls, scarves and dog leashes.

What’s next for Tag-R-ups, the show Shark tank maybe? Juliano received an email in May from the show shark tank to send in an audition tape and fill out paperwork.

Shark Tank is a show that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business in front of multi billionaires and if they like the business they will offer the owner money and own 10 or 15 percent of the business.

As of now they are still going through the final selection, but Juliano remains positive.

“If everything goes well who knows I could be on t.v,” Juliano said.

Aside from the show Juliano would like to branch out to other towns and Ocean city to Julianos knowledge is the only town that makes products from their tags.

“I’m looking to do Cape May next because I have the beach tags for it,” Juliano said. “That might be a next summer project.”

“Don’t stop always try…If you just set your mind to it and dedicate the time you can do pretty much anything,” Juliano said.

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Jenay Smith

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