Surrounded by art at Cabrini

By Christy Ross
April 24, 2008

When walking down the hallways at Cabrini or sitting in the cafeteria eating, do you ever stop to look at the art work? Cabrini’s campus is covered with different types of art all through its buildings. Some by more famous artists and others by some of Cabrini’s very own art and graphic design majors.

When walking down into the communication and graphic design wing in Founder’s Hall there are many pieces of art done by the students this semester. On one wall there are several photos from the photography class here at Cabrini.

Many of the photos are taken of nature. They have been taken at many different angles and with different lighting. Some of the photos can be found in the department’s newspaper, magazine or Web site.

Further down there are several pieces from the graphic design classes. Some of the pieces include different color logos for companies like Milburn Orchards, Pink Cake Box and 4TelecomHelp. They are different logo designs made up by students in the class. They had the option to create their own logo for a company of their choice.

Several other pieces include design-your-own magazine layout. The graphic artists had the option of re-doing a magazine of their choice. There are several different layouts on display in the graphic design hallway.

There are several poems also showcased in the graphic design wing with an image designed by the students to reflect what was going on in the poem. There are several other pieces of art found all throughout Founder’s. Many of the students work can be found on the third floor of the library as well.

The hallways are not the only place where art is found on campus. Next time you walk by the chapel, take a look at the beautiful stained glass windows. This is something we may overlook when passing by but is considered art on the campus.

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Christy Ross

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