Summeritis settles in

By Christine Blom
March 31, 2005

Your sunscreen has been applied and your sunglasses are on. Waves are crashing and there is a slight, warm breeze as you kick off your flip-flops and put your feet in the sand. The water is approximately 65 degrees and feels great after a long walk on the jetties, just as refreshing as the last time you left it.

Does this sound like a familiar picture? Have you started daydreaming about the good old days of summer yet? Have you already picked the songs to your summer soundtrack on your iPod yet?

Like many other college coeds, Cabrini students’ imaginations have been running ramped with thoughts of summer and motivation for schoolwork is dwindling away.

“No shoes, no shirts, no problems” is a famous line from a Kenny Chesney song that can be seen in many students Instant Messenger profiles along with countdowns to the end of the semester.

Many students have already made plans for their vacation hot spot and where they will be working. Some will return home to be with family and friends and others will venture to exotic destinations across the globe.

“I’ll be working at Home Depot in the seasonal department,” Charlie Grugan, sophomore graphic design major, said. “I’ll probably be out on our boat sailing in my free time, too.”

For Kelly James, senior studio art major, and many other graduating seniors, this will be their last summer vacation.

Sometimes, people have a couple certain things that trigger the thought of summer, like a favorite memory or the thought of a certain object.

“When I think of summer, I think of itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikinis,” Matt Donato, sophomore English communications major, said. “Air conditioning. That is one of the best things in the middle of summer.”

“There’s nothing like Kohr Brothers ice cream while you’re walking down the boardwalk.” Erik Parrillo, sophomore finance major, said.

As if being off from school isn’t enough, in the summer, it seems as if there are an endless number of hours that can be spent among friends, hanging out and trying to catch up on time that was spent in classes and with other friends made at other colleges, universities and jobs across the country.

Summer is on its way to a poolside near you. In five short weeks, school will be over and Memorial Day weekend will be here to kickoff the beginning of a season that will last, for college kids, until the end of Aug. There’s nothing like four whole months with “no shoes, no shirts, no problems.”

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Christine Blom

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