Summer expectations

By Christine Blom
April 28, 2005

Working and spending time in the sun are two priorities of college students for the four month summer recess.
Many college students, including biology major, Lauren Smart, English and communications major, Jason Radka and graphic design major, Charlie Grugan, will be working many hours away in order to save for the upcoming school year. They will be spending their summers working at various places, like many other Cabrini students.
“I will be working as a cashier at a grocery store called Super G,” Smart said. “Hopefully, after working my butt off, I’ll get my fair share of time at the beach.”
“I’m working at Home Depot over the summer and sailing.” Grugan said “I love sailing but I hate when seagulls take my sandwich.”
Radka, will be spending his summer working for the Philadelphia Inquirer as a mutli-tasking employee stapling papers, delivering bundles and getting any other form of experience in the field he can.
“I hope to get to as many Phillies games as possible,” Radka said. “I also hope to be hitting the links a lot while the nice weather is around.”
Many, like Smart, will be hitting the beach with high hopes of spending times with friends and family members.
“I am one of the happiest people ever, to be spending two whole weeks at the shore,” Smart said. “Nothing to worry about but the sun beating on my face and walking along the water.”
Along with a bunch of Cabrini students, Smart will be vacationing in the famous shore town, Ocean City, N.J.
“When the sun goes down” like Kenny Chesney and Kid Rock say, that’s when people tend to have the most fun.
“Sitting on the beach chillin’ with friends, listening to music, and watching the sunset is probably the most amazing thing that happenes in the summer,” Matt Donato, sophomore English and communications major said.
On the internet, there are always websites that are quick to suggest the hottest places of the year that people will be visiting through out the summer. Some of this year’s hottest destinations are Orlando, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Punta Cana, and Jamaica.
Like one poet Ada Louise Huxtable said once “summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit.” This quote perfectly exemplifies how once the nice weather hits, everyone can forget that they had any problems at all.

Top 10 Vacation Spots in the U.S.
* Florida
* California
* New York City
* Texas
* Nevada
* Arizona
* Hawaii
* Colorado
* Washington, D.C.
* Tennessee

Top Beaches
* Maui
* Antigua
* Costa Rica
* Miami
* Turks & Caicos

Top 5 Destinations in the World
* Orlando, Florida
* Bermuda
* Grand Caymans
* Punta Cana
* Jamaica

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Christine Blom

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