Summer 2011 Bucket List

By Holly Prendergast
April 25, 2011

With my last summer before graduating college quickly approaching, I decided to compile somewhat of a short bucket list for the summer of 2011, of places to go, things to do and just different ways to have fun.

  1. Go to the beach – Obviously this is on many people’s to-do list for the summer, and of course it is going to be on mine.  While I already have a trip planned for Ocean City, Md. for the last week of July with friends, I also want to take as many day trips as possible to Ocean City, N.J. and Sea Isle City.  What more could you ask for that laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean all day?  It is a nice escape from reality for one day and a quick easy trip to enjoy with your friends!
  2. Fist Pump in Seaside Heights, N.J. – Okay, so this one is a tad corny.  But since I will be turning 21 this July, and most of my friends will be also, one of the main things on our to-do list for this summer is to hit the famous clubs Bamboo and Karma like the oh so classy cast of the “Jersey Shore.”  While this may not appeal to everyone, I know that I definitely, at least once in my life, have to experience the guidos, guidettes and juiceheads that Seaside Heights has to offer, and what a better time to do it than this summer.
  3. What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas … Okay, not really – Something that I have always wanted to do, or at least since about the age of 18, was to go to Las Vegas.  Although I have never gambled before and I probably won’t get too crazy, ok I lied maybe just a little crazy, I cannot wait to go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday this summer.  While I do want to go out and go to the clubs to see what all the hype is about, I also have other things on my Vegas to-do list.  They include everything from seeing the Beatles Cirque du Soleil act, to the Madame Tussauds wax museum, to the rollercoaster that goes through the New York New York hotel.  While this trip isn’t for everyone or might not be in everyone’s budget for this summer, I think it is a place that everyone should get to experience at least once in his or her lives.  Happy birthday to me!
  4. Cake Boss – So for the last two years one of my best friends and I have been saying that we are going to visit the famous Carlo’s Bakery that is featured on TLC’s hit show “Cake Boss,” and every year we have failed.  However, this summer it is one of the first things on our list because not only will it be fun, but it will be one of the least expensive things to do this summer.  One hour and a half drive, the price of a few cupcakes and hopefully meeting Buddy and we will have ourselves possibly one of the best days of our summer!
  5. Phightin’ Phils’ – Last but certainly not least the one, or should I say about 15, things that I will be doing this summer is going to Phillies games at Citizens Bank Park to cheer on the always beloved Philadelphia Phillies.  While the prices of games and parking has slightly gone up, going to Phillies games is and always will be one of my favorite things to do in the summer.  There is nothing like going to a Phillies game on a warm June, July or August night to cheer on everyone’s favorite team.  This activity has been something that my friends and I have been doing since our junior year in high school, and hopefully it is something that we continue to do for the rest of our lives.

Going to the beach, fist pumping like Pauly D, hitting up Vegas, cutting cake with Carlo’s and cheering on the Phillies are just some of the things that I plan on doing this summer, and hopefully I gave you some good ideas and you will have as good of a summer as I plan on having!

Holly Prendergast

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