Study Habits: Music or Munchies?

By Jen Smith
November 29, 2001

The time has come. Fall semester is winding to a close and finals are here. As the days progress and winter break grows near, Thursday night partying begins to give way to all-nighters and library cramming sessions. For students at Cabrini College, effectively studying for finals often includes some of their long-time friends, the Campus Corner delivery guys.

“I’d rather have Campus Corner than any food on this campus,” freshman resident Anthony Pepe said. “I always order before studying. It gets me through my work.” Another benefit of ordering from “Campus” as it has become affectionately nicknamed, is that their hours are convenient for late night hunger pangs. “Studying can make you hungry, and campus is always there.” Pepe said of his favorite food delivery service.

Another location for convenient one-stop food pick-ups is Wayne’s very own Wawa. A popular spot for Cabrini students, the local Wawa operates 24 hours a day serving everything from hoagies to ice cream to chips and pretzels.

Krista Stella, sophomore and avid fan of Wawa, said this about her favorite food spot. “I prefer junk food when I’m studying. If I have something small to snack on I can keep my mind on my work and I study longer, without becoming distracted. I’m personally a fan of the cheese doodles and chocolate Wawa has to offer.” Stella isn’t alone. Out of 20 students polled, eight would prefer to hit up Wawa than to order out or make something themselves.

” I don’t eat while I’m studying. Making something takes too long,” Matt Tholey said of his study food preference. “I like to go out rather than order because it gives me a nice break from my work.” Many people agree that food and studying do not go together and that if you’re hungry, a break is definitely in order.

Food is not the only release for the frustrated student working hard toward good final grades. Listening to music is a generally universal release to the stresses of hitting the books. It is well known that classical music can have a calming effect on the senses. However few students at Cabrini make use of this form of musical therapy.

“I don’t really listen to music while I study,” Stella said. “I get distracted and find myself singing and then I lose sight of what I’m trying to do. I don’t have a lot of classical music so I don’t listen to that too much either.”

Stella is not alone. Out of the 20 students polled, only two listened to music at all and not one ever thought to pop in a classical CD to aid in their study sessions. There are a few students who like their study time to be musically accompanied however. Junior Sean Atwell enjoys studying along to his favorite music. “I listen to music while I’m studying. It’s nice to have the noise in the background, but when I have to really focus, I usually turn it off.”

“Studying for finals is a stress. There is so much to worry about and just making it through them is a miracle. The real miracle though, would be making it through without gaining ten pounds. All that snacking can sure add up,” said Stella. “Thank God for the gym.”

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Jen Smith

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