Study location is important to many students

By Matthew Santangelo
October 9, 2019

Most people have their own manner of studying. Some people use flashcards, some use a friend, some might just read the material over and over until it sticks in their head. Something that you may or may not have given thought to is the location in which you are studying.

The place in which you study matters more than many people may realize. Studying in an environment that you feel comfortable in can increase concentration and lead to more productive study sessions. Although it is really up to the individual to find out what works best for them, it is important to try to be in that ideal location in order to get the most out of the studying.

The Holy Spirit Library, a popular study spot for studentsPhoto by Matthew Santangelo

“I like it when there’s people around, I don’t like it when it’s really quiet. So, I like some background noise,” Olivia Schiffert an education major, said. “I tried being in a classroom with my friends when it was empty [studying], but I don’t know. I just didn’t like how quiet it was.”

It turns out that a quiet place to study is not what everyone wants or needs. Some people need a little activity in the background to make them feel more comfortable.

Isabella Campbell, a social work major, said that although she enjoys studying in one of the empty rooms on either the top floor or bottom floor of Holy Spirit Library, she can study anywhere. Background noise doesn’t bother her but she can study in silence too.

A small, quiet room in the Holy Spirit Library to study in Photo by Matthew Santangelo

This backs up the point that the best place to study largely depends on the individual. Everyone has their own preferences. There are probably as many different studying methods as they are students on campus. Just because the previous two students said they could study in crowded places doesn’t mean everyone can.

“I don’t like studying in Founder’s Hall because there’s a lot of people going through it,” Amanda Albarouki, a biology major, said. “I don’t like studying in Cru5h. There’s too many people.”

Albarouki is from the other school of thought and likes having no distractions when she is hitting the books. People who think like this are likely best left to themselves when studying, either in their dorm or in the library.

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Matthew Santangelo

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