Students venture into New York for ‘Shrek The Musical’

By Noelle Westfall
September 24, 2009

Shannon Keough

Cabrini students had the opportunity to take a bus trip to New York City to see the hit Broadway show “Shrek The Musical” on Saturday, Sept. 12.

The event, sponsored by the Campus Activities and Programming Board, was open to all Cabrini students for $35 and to the community for $45. About 50 attendees came out on the rainy Saturday to take a bite out of the Big Apple and see their favorite ogre live on stage.

“I think the show will be awesome! I’ve heard it has gotten great reviews and I think it will be hilarious,” Jenna Chiavoroli, senior elementary education major, said before the show.

“I’m a little skeptical about it to be honest. I hope it’s not too childish, but since the movies are entertaining for all ages, I think it might be a funny show,” Maya Cheeks, sophomore psychology and sociology major, said.

Inside the Broadway Theatre, many tables were set up selling ‘Shrek’ memorabilia such as ogre ears, Gingerbread Man puppets and knick-knacks galore. The stage was set with a beautiful green and swamp-like atmosphere. It was a large auditorium, although the stage itself was modest in size.

Seventeen new songs were added into the play, with none from the original movie soundtrack appearing. The story differed only a little from the 2001 film, with Shrek’s origin and Lord Farquaad’s childhood being told. Some scenes were also slightly tweaked for an easier stage appearance. Each song was catchy and every character likable as the roughly two-hour show breezed by.

The acting was excellent, with a normally dashing Brain d’Arcy James donning the green getup for Shrek, a splendid Sutton Foster playing fiery Princess Fiona and hilarious Christopher Sieber playing a short-statured Lord Farquaad entirely on his knees.

“My favorite character [in the film] is the Gingerbread Man because he makes a few funny jokes throughout the movies,” Kimberly Carlson, sophomore political science major, said.

After the play, though, she changed her mind. “My favorite character from the show was Donkey. He brought some laughter to the more serious scenes.”

Ben Ferguson, senior Spanish major, said, “My favorite character from the movie would probably be Donkey. From the show, it would have to be Lord Farquaad. The flamboyant actor made the prince somewhat amusing.”

“I loved the whole show,” Chiavoroli said. “The effects were amazing, everything was colorful and it was hilarious! I also loved the songs; they were so upbeat and fun.”

“I thought it was a very cute show, ideal for families,” Cheeks said. “I liked that a person who isn’t familiar with the movies could still see the show and not be lost. It also had a good message about being proud of who you are no matter what. I felt that it didn’t seem like a musical that someone my age would truly love.”

If you are interested in attending more CAP Board events, contact John Solewin, director of weekend events at

“There is at least one event per-week. Upcoming events are an old city trip, a haunted house and then a Christmas in New York trip,” Solewin said.

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Noelle Westfall

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