Students ask if there is a cure for senioritis

By Marissa Roberto
October 29, 2015

Some students become too busy and fall into laziness their senior year. Photo by Marissa Roberto

Are Cabrini seniors experiencing fatigue or extreme laziness?

Are they finding that wardrobe choices con- sist of recycling through all the Cabrini sweat- shirts and sweatpants that have been collected over the years?

Realizing they are spending most of their free time out partying with friends?

Lacking motivation to get out of bed in the morning?

How about the ‘not giving a sh*t’ attitude that leads to skipping a class or two and missing some homework assignments?

Is “netflix and chill” taking on the literal meaning for them?

The only diagnosis to these symptoms is a chronic case of senioritis.

This contagious disease has spread through most of the class of 2016.

“My entire room is filled with seniors and we are all super lazy and just trying to get out at this point,” Philip Dorman, accounting major, said.

As a senior, Dorman is trying to have the most fun he can during his last couple of months as a college student before he has to become a real working adult after he graduates.

“I have a night dedicated just for having fun,” Dorman said. “I told my work that I would not be in the next day because I am going to be up late the night before and they are actually really cool about it.”

Dorman’s case of senioritis has turned into a new lifestyle.

“Having fun is probably the one thing I will miss the most about college,” Dorman said.

The only known cure that has been uncovered for this epidemic is graduation.

With finally reaching the midpoint of the 2015 fall semester, students from all grades are rejoicing and counting down the days until Thanksgiving and winter breaks.

Well, most students.

Cabrini seniors are not only just counting down the days until the upcoming breaks but also crossing the days off on their calendar until graduation.

Graduation is a lingering thought that will not go away. This milestone event will be here soon and some students cannot help but to think about their futures.

“I am definitely looking forward to graduation. But I am going to miss Cabrini very much,” Alexis Cunningham, political science major, said.

Jessica Pepenella, senior psychology major, has life after Cabrini on her mind. She only needs three more credits to be able to graduate in May and also applied to three graduate schools to continue her learning.

“My senior year is ending soon but I am still enjoying every moment of being an undergrad,” Pepenella said.

However, after graduation plans are still a bit fuzzy for some.

“I may go to grad school, I may get a job but what am I actually going to do with my free time? I am not going to have any organizations to join, I am not going to be able to run or do a sport,” Cunningham said. “That is what I am really going to miss about Cabrini— being involved.”

Some seniors, however, have an idea on where they see their future heading.

“I think I am going to be okay in that sense,” Dorman said. “I really want to be an auditor because they do not sit at a desk but they go to different places. If I am not stuck at a desk all day, every day I will be happy.”

Seniors want to remind underclassman that their college experience is important and should be memorable.

“Live up your four years of college because they are going to fly,” Dorman said. “Here

I am, my last year of my four year college experience and it is weird. I just turned 22 and now I feel like a big grown up with a lot of responsibility.”

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Marissa Roberto

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