Student organizes ‘operation support our troops’

By Elizabeth Brachelli
November 19, 2004

If you are interested in supporting our troops overseas, it is now possible to do this without leaving campus, thanks to senior Michaela McGowan. McGowan, a history major, started a program this year known as Operation Support Our Troops, which was inspired by her own brother, Steve McGowan.

McGowan, 26, is a Combat Medicare Airborne in the Army who has just served a year in Korea and has been in Iraq for the last three months. McGowan joined the army because he felt the need to serve his country. Michaela said, “He saw that there was a job to be done and he felt the need to join up.”

McGowan’s Operation Support Our Troops is a program that runs all year round and supplies troops with letters of encouragement from Cabrini students and care packages with materials requested by the troops or items Cabrini students believe would be ideal for the troops. Michaela said, “The program is to keep their morale up and to let our troops know our thoughts and prayers are with them.” Operation Support Our Troops will additionally be selling the magnetic yellow ribbons for cars. The proceeds will be used to buy plane tickets and phone cards for the troops.

Other students have also been inspired to support our troops. Sophomore Phil Nicolo, a criminal justice major, joined because he also has friends and family in the service and wants to show his support. Nicolo said, “This organization is helping our troops by keeping them motivated. It tells the troops: Hey, there are people back home who love you and care about you. And you wouldn’t believe how far a simple thank-you can go in life.”

Operation Support Our Troops is open to all students and has motivated about 75 Cabrini students to sign up for the program. Dr. Mary Laver, director of the Wolfington Center, said, “I am not surprised this outreach is happening on our campus. The students have always been very supportive.” Laver also encourages people to join by saying, “Just take half an hour away from your IMing time and write a letter to the troops.” Meetings are held in the Wolfington Center.

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Elizabeth Brachelli

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