Student Ambassadors: The first impression

By Staff Writer
March 21, 2002

Lauren Gatto

When a prospective student visits Cabrini, the first impression they receive, either positive or negative is usually from the student ambassador they encounter on their tour of the school. The student ambassadors play an important role because their job is directly linked with Cabrini’s reputation and the growth of the school pertaining to how they treat prospective students and their families.

Cabrini’s enrollment has been increasing each year, so the student ambassadors must be doing something right. The most essential characteristics that a student ambassador must embody are good personal skills and an enthusiasm about the school and what it has to offer.

While watching junior Candice Linehan give a tour of the campus, it is very apparent that she enjoys being a student ambassador. “I enjoy meeting new people. That is what initially inspired me to become a student ambassador,” Linehan said. “But I also want to share my good experiences at Cabrini like extracurricular activities and the one-on-one relationships with professors, with the prospective students and their families.”

To find out whether or the not the efforts of the student ambassadors are paying off is to talk to the newest members of the Cabrini community, which are the current freshman because their tours are still fresh in their minds. If the first-year students have been on a tour of the school with a student ambassador, do they feel that Cabrini has lived up to what they said it was on the tour?

First-year students Peter Schauster shares the same feelings with many others. “All in all, the tour satisfied me on the educational side of matters, but I wish that the student ambassador gave more detail on housing and visitation rules. It seemed in the tour that the ambassador strayed away from telling the tour stuff about visitation and focused more on other aspects of the school,” he said.

On the other hand, first-year student Todd Boyer has had a wonderful experience since his first tour of Cabrini’s campus and throughout his first year. “I was very pleased with the tour. The ambassador was very friendly and informative. I asked a lot of questions and I feel they were answered fully and Cabrini has lived up to the answers. I love Cabrini and am very happy here. I was sold on Cabrini when the student ambassador on my tour told me about the class size at Cabrini and the personal feeling with professors,” Boyer said.

“Cabrini has a lot to offer making my job really easy. I really enjoy helping the prospective student with their college choice,” Linehan said.

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Staff Writer

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