Student claims to have seen a ghost on campus

By Andrew Kang
October 31, 2020

A student at Cabrini University returns to her room after practice only to spot her roommate standing in the corner of her room. But upon closer examination, she is startled and runs in fear after claiming to have seen a ghost in her dorm.

Rylie Butler, sophomore and education major, was driving back to Cabrini’s campus after going home over the weekend. On October 11, around 5 pm, Butler was approaching her room. She was certain her roommates weren’t in the room as all the lights were turned off. That was until her door creaked, she believed that her roommate was actually in her room. 

She called for her roommate but there was no response. As Butler approached her room she noticed it wasn’t her roommate. Instead, it was a girl with blonde hair and a white dress facing away from her in the corner of the room. Butler couldn’t discern who the person was because her back was towards her and she was looking down. While this girl just stood there in the corner Butler’s anxiety grew more and more.

“Who is it? I can’t see you,” Butler said. 

After receiving no response she took out her phone camera and pointed it towards the girl. As soon as the light hit the girl, it disappeared causing Butler to run in fear. She ran to her friends to explain the unusual event she encountered.

“I was shaking a lot, I wasn’t sure what was going on,” Butler said. She and her friends later decided to go back to her room to see if the girl was still there but there was nothing.

 This strange incident caused Butler to question whether or not she saw a ghost. Ultimately she decided not to report this to public safety.

Photo submitted by Andrew Kang.

This was not the only strange event to occur that day. There was another incident during the night that Butler will never forget. She went back to her room to watch a movie with some friends. 

In her room, there are several pictures hanging on the walls with a wooden frame. During the movie, all the picture frames dropped simultaneously causing everyone to burst into fear.

“Everybody screamed, jumped off the bed and ran out the room,” Butler said. After another paranormal event, Butler decided to sleep at a friend’s room for the night. 

 “I didn’t know who to go to. What is anybody going to do about it?” Butler said. 

This isn’t the first time students have had these issues. Last year a student living in a South residence experienced a similar event. On October 30, 2019, at 3:00 am, Nicole Bydalek, junior education major, saw a ghost figure floating above her roommate’s bed. When Bydalek saw the figure, she turned her flashlight at it, but it vanished. Could these two very similar events have been a coincidence? Or perhaps they both saw the same ghost.


Andrew Kang

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