Celebrating seniors: the student athlete banquet

By Nathan Mazurek
May 6, 2024

Students and families gathered in the Dixon Center. Photo by Nate Mazurek.
Students and families gathered in the Dixon Center. Photo by Nate Mazurek.

As Cabrini winds down its final school year, the senior athletes got a chance to come together as one on May 4 and enjoy a final banquet in their honor.

The graduating class, who lost their senior year of high school due to COVID-19, got a chance at redemption and to celebrate everything they’ve worked so hard for.

The event started off at a cocktail hour at which everyone was able to socialize. Senior midfielder for the men’s lacrosse team, Julian Varona, said, “It was awesome to celebrate with everyone one last time. Losing my senior year of high school really hurt. All things a normal person graduating gets to celebrate, we couldn’t. So, to be able to finally be recognized for all the hard work we put in was great.”

Cocktail hour. Photo by Nate Mazurek.

After the cocktail hour was over, everyone made their way to the gym for the main event with food, drinks, and great conversation. After the speeches, there were many tears.

Each coach got up to speak about their seniors and said nothing but great things, as they were beyond proud to be able to witness the growth of each and every student athlete they got to mentor.

“Hearing the speeches from the coaches was something special. All the coaches had such a special connection with their players,” Varona said.

The awards ceremony

After the speeches, awards were given to student athletes who have excelled at such a high level. The winners were:

Caroline Gallagher: Most Outstanding Female Student Athlete

Michael Gray: Most Outstanding Male Student Athlete

Kaitlyn Delaney: Female Scholar Athlete

Jayden Blakey: Male Scholar Athlete

These student athletes were recognized for their hard work on the field and in the classroom, something they were not able to experience in high school.

Family, friends, and celebrations 

Senior face off specialist for the men’s lacrosse team John McCormick said, “This was a special moment. Being able to have my whole family here alongside the teammates and friends I came in here with was something I will never forget. Sitting alongside my best friends and being honored for all the hard work I have put in was definitely rewarding.”

The event went smoothly and though it was a sad moment, the tears were overcome by smiles. These student athletes have gone through so much.  “I’m so glad that event was able to happen, I did not know what to expect when I was walking into the Dixon Center, but when I showed up, it certainly did not disappoint. It was such a great night.” Varona said.

Former Loquitur staff writers Tommy Vaughan and Sam Kirk at cocktail hour. Photo by Nate Mazurek.

Though Cabrini University will be under a different name soon, the Cavaliers will never die. McCormick said, “Some of the best memories I have in my life were made here. You do not expect much from a small school like this. The people and the culture this school has is truly special and I will never forget that. I am beyond thankful for everyone I have met at this school and all the opportunities it has given me.”

Varona agreed. “I am so thankful for this school. It has given me so much opportunity and given me some of my best friends. I do not think there is another school out there like this; I will really miss this place.”

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Nathan Mazurek

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