Stud of the week dud of the week

By Katie Bonanni
August 31, 2010

Stud of the Week

This upcoming TV show is surprisingly not poking fun at Britney’s famous meltdown.  Britney Spears is making a comeback on the hit TV series “Glee.”  For the past week, the ‘90s pop star has been on-set filming her tribute episode. On “Glee”, singers under anesthesia at the dentist’s office hallucinate about Spears and being like her.  The shows co-creator, Ryan Murphy, says the episode will feature Spears’ music and will not delve into her personal life.  The critically acclaimed FOX hit would not be complete without an appearance from one of the top pop stars of all time.

Dud of the Week

MTV reality star Heidi Montag made herself into the “perfect woman” with giant breasts and a flawless nose. Now, 10 plastic surgeries later, she regrets it all.  Montag claims that her  G-cup breast implants are so heavy it is causing a constant strain on her back.  She also claims that she does not want her nose to fall off just like Michael Jackson’s did.  She has had nose tap on 24 hours a day since November to keep the swelling down and hold her nose in place just the way her doctor sculpted it.  According to “PopEater,” Heidi wants to get out of Hollywood and is calling it quits with plastic surgery. “I won’t get anything done again,” she says, “at least not for a long time.”

Katie Bonanni

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