Stud and Dud of the Week

By Chelbi Mims
September 22, 2010

Stud of the Week


If you checked Facebook and Twitter at all Wednesday night you read multiple statuses about the season premiere of “Glee.” The musical comedy, in its second season, was ranked the highest new-scripted-series. “Glee” grossed 12.3 million viewers Wednesday night for the season premiere. Tuesday night, the hit show continued to shock many by having a Mean Girls spin on the Cheerios. The Glee Club searches for new members, the cheerleader sheet says “NO FATTIES” and the new addition of a cast member. The premiere episode included music from Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Travie McCoy. That is why “Glee” is Loquitor’ stud of the week.

Dud of the Week

“Life Unexpected”

Amid controversy that “Life Unexpected” would be cancelled last season, the show returned but with not so great ratings. The show about a foster child who finds her parents, brought in 1.7 million, dropped a drastic 33 percent from last season. This season the show brought on new characters which, is a step up from the same three characters last season but they weren’t developed the first episode. The repetitive love story between Cate and Baze still existed and it was continuous drama from last season. This is why “Life Unexpected” is the dud of the week.

Chelbi Mims

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