Stressed? Try some music

By Matt Tholey
November 16, 2000

by Matt Tholey

There are various ways to relieve stress. There are hobbies such as sports, crafts, reading, and most importantly to me, music. People choose various types of music according to his or her own tastes. Some people find relaxation in jazz, rap, pop and even classical. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. However, I find the ultimate way in relieving stress is either through playing drums or bass guitar.

Both of these instruments are two different ways of accomplishing the same goal. The drums are not only a physical release, but a mental release as well. The drums focus both the anger and frustration that accumulates in my everyday life. The bass guitar is more of a focused and quiet relief to stress.

I have been playing the drums for over six years, and I am currently in an emo/punk band with two of my high school friends. My bandmates and I join twice a week, once on Thursday and once on Sunday. We gather to rock and release our creative energies. During our practices the stresses and problems that have arisen throughout the week are released and relieved.

I have only been playing bass for a year. I am currently enrolled at Harcum Medley Music School, and participate in a bass class every Wednesday night. Bass lessons help me relieve my mental stresses that have occurred during the week.

Overall, I enjoy playing music and learning about new things involved with each instrument. One of the greatest feelings is watching oneself improve within and upon their instrument of choice.

If someone needs to find their niche, and needs to relieve stress, try releasing it through music. Not only will you develop a skill, but you will also learn how to relieve everyday stresses using your creative intuitions.

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Matt Tholey

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