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By Shae McPherson
September 13, 2011

After spending three years at Cabrini College, Stephanie Reed has become the new director of Student Diversity Initiatives. Reed is in her early thirties and was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. She received her bachelor’s degree from Johnson C. Smith University in psychology and furthered her education in graduate school to receive her master of art of higher education administration at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Before entering her new job as director of Student Diversity Initiatives, Reed worked as the assistant director of Cabrini College’s Cooperative Education and Career Services. During her time in the co-op office she managed the internship program, processed paper work, approved student jobs and did administrative work. Reed described the co-op office as being  a very comfortable and family-oriented environment.

She enjoyed working as the assistant director of co-op, “I am really looking forward to taking on the responsibility of being the student diversity director. The goal is to get to the next level and gain more professional experience,” Reed said

The main purpose and goal of the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives is to strive to empower and bring together students of all backgrounds and walks of life. It welcomes differences in race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and geographic origin.“I want the Office of Student Diversity to evolve as the student body evolves.” Reed said. A very important goal of hers while working in the office of student diversity is “to promote a climate of inclusivity amongst the students on campus.”

There are many clubs and organizations that are advised by the Office of Student Diversity such as the Black Student Union, La Raza, Sanctuary and the International Club. Reed is the adviser for each of these clubs and organizations and is extremely eager to help the students of these clubs and organizations grow as leaders and she wants them to gain exposure to a variety of different things that they may have never experienced.

Janae Kane, senior double major in psychology and social work, is the president of the Black Student Union and wants Black Student Union to become a bigger organization that is integrated with Cabrini’s community.

When asked about Reed and Student Diversity Initiatives, Kane said, “I am very fond of Stephanie Reed and I am excited about the direction the clubs and organizations are going in.”

The Office of Student Diversity initiatives also welcomes students who have ideas of new clubs and organizations such as Gregory Robinson, sophomore double major in political science and business. Robinson is the founder of the Fashion Club, which is a relatively  new club to the office of student diversity. The club hopes to put on fashion shows and fashion trivia. Robinson hopes Cabrini will recognize the new club as an innovative and official club. “I am looking forward to working with Stephanie Reed and I am excited for a fresh outlook on a new year,” Robinson said.

Reed, a family-oriented woman with two young children says, “Wherever I end up in my career I want to work in an environment where my family is welcome.” Reed is looking forward to implementing new ideas within the Office of Student Diversity such as innovative things that involve social and multimedia that appeal to students.

As many ideas and aspirations Reed has as the new director of student diversity Initiatives, her overall goal “Is to allow all students of all different backgrounds to feel comfortable to come to my office to speak to me because I care about the issues some students are facing,” Reed said.

With new responsibilities and a new job, Reed is looking forward to an exciting and eventful year ahead of her.

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Shae McPherson

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