St. Edmond’s Home for Children sees the world in a different light

By Shannon King
October 18, 2001

Think about what you did this morning. If you are anything like me you saw the time on your alarm clock, rolled over in bed and eventually got up to take a shower. You probably gathered some books and homework together and fed yourself some breakfast. Imagine for a moment that you could not do any of these things without help.

St. Edmond’s Home for Children is a residential environment for physically and mentally disabled children. It is also the site for my Sem 300 volunteer service. I have only been going there for about two weeks now and already I have realized how many things in my life that I take for granted everyday.

I have always thought about how lucky I am that I have a roof over my head and family and friends to care about me. I never really thought about how great it is to be able to walk without help or even to roll over in my sleep at night.

Most of the kids I have been working with are confined to wheelchairs, need someone else to feed them and are not able to even tell you what they want or need.

Even with all of their disabilities, the majority of these kids are the happiest people you would ever want to meet. The smallest things excite them and they appreciate even the most minute gestures of kindness more than you could ever imagine.

While being inhibited by so many things in their young lives, I see the kids at St. Edmond’s as being more able than most of us. They are able to always see the good in people, to see the world in a different light with every turn of their heads. The petty everyday things, that we make important because we become bored with our usual routines, aren’t even an issue for them. I thank God for everything I am capable of in this life, but I envy the innocence and the genuine goodness in the souls of these amazing children.

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Shannon King

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