Stay in shape with Cabrini Intramurals

By Shannon Keough
February 28, 2008

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Spring intramurals are now underway. This semester, the Dixon Center is offering intramural soccer, basketball and possibly softball.

Intramural sports are a chance for non-athletes, as well as athletes, to participate in their favorite sports. Although the rules of the game stay the same, the pressure is not as intense.

No try-outs are necessary to play on a team and it’s as simple as gathering friends or classmates and assigning each person to a position. There is a small forfeit fee that will be returned to the team at the end of the season if the team does not forfeit any games.

A player who wants to partake in the games, but does not have a team is considered a free agent. The player should fill out a form to express interest and then the teams can select the free agent to join their team.

Intramurals don’t require too much of a commitment from each player. Although the team is expected to attend all games, it’s not necessary for all team members to be present; here simply has to be enough teammates to play. The duration of the season lasts from four to six weeks, with a commitment of one to two hours per week.

Assistant director of recreation Orlin Jespersen said that there is a variety of players involved in intramurals. He thinks the majority of teams include non-athletes because the athletes on campus often have busy schedules.

Another big difference between intramurals and college sports is that these are co-ed. Although there are many all-male teams, Jespersen would like to see more women get involved.

The intramural soccer teams began playing their games on Feb. 19. The intramural basketball team is scheduled to begin playing on March 12. All of these games take place in the gym.

He would like to have a softball intramural sport this semester, but there hasn’t been enough support. He is still interested in doing so if he can get more teams together as soon as possible.

Flag football may also make a comeback this semester if there is enough participation. There are currently three teams signed up. If interested, contact Jespersen to sign-up.

If there is an intramural sport you’re passionate about that isn’t offered, talk to Jespersen about getting one started. He’s more than willing to help students when possible.

Why play intramural sports? There are many different reasons. “It’s good to get out and work off some energy,” Jespersen said. He said it could be that students may have played a sport in high school and miss the competition but can’t fully commit to a varsity sport. Also, there are students who want to get involved in activities on campus or maybe just to have fun.

If intramurals still feel like too much pressure or time-commitment, there are times that the gym or field are designated for playing different sports. These open-play times don’t require any registration and students can come and leave whenever they want. Sports offered in open-play are ultimate Frisbee, soccer, basketball and volleyball.

For more information on these sports, visit, see Jespersen in Dixon Center Room 201A or e-mail him at

Shannon Keough

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