Stay warm and fashionable this winter

By Kelsey Alvino
January 26, 2011

Looking stylish in the winter is tough when it’s negative four degrees out. Although it requires a bit more effort to remain stylish during the winter months, it is very possible and easy to achieve with the right wardrobe.

In order to retain body heat, you need to layer your clothes without looking bulky. Wear fewer layers made of warmer fabrics. Wear wool, silk or cashmere instead of thick layers of cotton. For colder days, you can stay warm under jeans by layering with leggings or long underwear.

Your winter coat has to provide two purposes; it must keep you warm and give you a stylish look at the same time. Wear coats that complement your figure. If your coat is too tight it will make you seem larger and uncomfortable. A neutral color is best since neutrals are always in style and will keep you looking classy. Colors like black, gray and shades of brown are a go to color scheme. Choose white only if you are willing to invest the effort into making sure the coat stays spotless or else you will look dull and dingy.

For most people in winter climates, as soon as temperatures start to drop, it’s goodbye to the flip flops and hello boots. Boots are the ideal footwear during the winter. Boots allow you to look stylish and keep warm, as they cover lots of skin.

If you’re not a boots person, try some trendy sneakers or moccasins. Wear tights and thermal leggings whenever you wear a skirt or dress this winter. Instead of going bare legged, this will make your outfit look more climate-appropriate. The last pieces to add to bring your winter look together should be a warm hat, a comfy scarf and gloves. Neutral colors for all three are ideal, but you can also mix and match between colors of similar tones or incorporate a pop of color.

Wearing mittens or thick gloves would be warmer, but thin gloves are more chic. Find a perfect medium that suits your outfit and the weather. Everyone is looking forward to sun dresses and flip flops but for now there are still ways to be fashionable and stay warm.

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Kelsey Alvino

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