Spring fashion roars in

By Megan Kutulis
March 19, 2009

Shannon Keough

Even though right now it’s hard to imagine wearing anything but layers of sweatshirts and scarves, spring is just around the corner. This, of course, means more than free Rita’s.

It means that it’s time for that monumental shopping spree so you can replace all those 2008 oldies that just won’t do for this summer.

Of course, that isn’t as easy for a college student, especially since we’re in the midst of a recession. But don’t worry; you won’t be stuck in those hideous “so-last-season” clothes for too long. You can still be financially and fashionably cool.

You never knew that whole Easter dress floral thing was going to go back in style. Sure enough, floral patterns are back and bigger than ever?literally.

Dresses, vests and jackets are all patterned with big, colorful flowers.

Starting from the ground up, shoes are bigger than ever. Remember those platform flip flops you abandoned in 8th grade? They’re safe to bring back out. Designers like Christian Dior and Vivienne Westwood are taking their shoes to new heights. Pun intended.

Zippered heels, snakeskin platforms and gladiator heels are all the rage. However, these designers are a little pricey. To bypass those winter blues and put a little spring in your step, check out cheaper versions at Baker’s and H&M.

You might break your ankle but definitely not your budget.

The year 2008 brought us back straight leg jeans and 2009 is bringing us the glorified sweatpants. Baggier tapered pants are making an appearance on runways across the country.

Granted, these pants aren’t bordering on Hammer style, but their relaxed fit on your hips definitely makes it easier to justify choosing them over your favorite pair of warm ups.

Levi’s and American Eagle both offer variations of the boyfriend cut jean, which is an affordable take on the new style.

The ’80s are back. This season, shirts, vests and cardigans are all about neon and sequins. But don’t worry, shoulder pads still haven’t made their comeback.

For a chic and not-too-blinding look, try a black sequined top or mini dress, like the Fiona Sequin dress available at Delia’s. It’s a cheap version of those being featured on runways and it’s great for pretty much anything.

Who could forget accessories? Big bangles, boxy clutches and bright bracelets are the perfect way to spice up that boring outfit in your closet. There’s no limit on costume jewelry this year. Cheap versions of these are available just about everywhere, but Target has one of the biggest selections to choose from.

Whether or not you’re into what 2009 has to offer, one thing is for sure-this year designers are encouraging you to go big or go home. Unless, of course, you’re dressing your boyfriend, in which case, simple is the way to go.

This season, men’s fashion is emphasizing the clean-cut look, emphasizing simplicity and clear lines and shapes. What does this mean?

Simple cardigans paired with jeans, a skinny necktie and dress shirt of the same tone. The possibilities are endless.

One thing’s for sure-they definitely aren’t ready for any zippered heels anytime soon.

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Megan Kutulis

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