Spring break fun makes college girls run wild

By Gail Katherine Ziegler
April 6, 2006

Dan Squire

The American Medical Association issued a warning for female college students that the combination of alcohol, sex and spring break creates a possibly dangerous situation. This finding was based on a poll of college women and graduates ages 17-35. Cabrini students had a range of reactions to the information found in the study.

While the study found that one in five women regretted sexual activity that they participated in during spring break, Laura Woods, a sophomore education major, didn’t know anyone who regretted things that they had done. Woods said part of the reason for that may be because “spring break is not a big Cabrini tradition.”

Woods also said that the AMA had probably only issued the warning to women because they are more susceptible to rape. She said, “[During spring break] there’s more pressure to have fun from girls and guys. It’s also an excuse to be more reckless than usual.”

Lauren Grassi, a freshman social work major, pointed out that students “drink at school, so they are going to drink when they don’t have classes,” during spring break. The study found that 12 percent of women who participated in the poll felt forced or pressured into sex. Of the women polled, 57 percent said that “being promiscuous is a way to fit in,” according to the AMA.

Grassi said, “Girls shouldn’t feel pressure to keep up with guys but some probably do. There’s more pressure on guys to get with girls.” She also said that it was good that the AMA was taking the time to warn women.

The AMA said, “Each year in Cancun, Mexico, a major spring break destination for American college students, the city and hospitals report an increase in deaths, rapes, injuries, assaults and arrests related to drinking.” Michael Berliere, a junior political science and history major, thought that location plays a big role in safety. He said, “It depends on where you’re at. Cancun is more dangerous for women but it’s dangerous for everyone to go to those places.”

Berliere also admitted to knowing people who regretted things that they’ve done on spring break. Berliere said, “Men do count on women to be more reckless on spring break.” He added, “That’s what makes it fun.”

Jessica McDermott, a junior English and communication major, disagreed. She said, “Men don’t count on women to be reckless on spring break.” McDermott added, “Rape and assault can happen anytime, anywhere.” She thinks that spring break is not a threat for women.

She also said, “Cabrini’s spring break is too early.” She thought that more students would go on spring break if it was later into the semester.

The AMA reported that two out of five women thought that drinking ages under 21 was an important factors in spring break trip decisions for women.

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Gail Katherine Ziegler

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