Spring Cleaning: Moving out the old In with my passion

By Jenay Smith
April 17, 2013

This year my spring cleaning is finding a new mindset when it comes to setting up my resume. I’m a communications major and Environmental studies minor. For a communication major a dream come true internship includes one at a major network, newspaper or any other media organization.

At this ideal internship you would be assisting in producing video, up-dating websites, writing their online content, editing and pitching stories etc.

All these things are great but I want more. When I say more I don’t mean perks or getting paid I mean I want my passion to be incorporated in my internship.

For the past month and a half I have been applying to internships for the summer. I’ve run across internships with Comcast to internships with “One Step Away” (Philadelphia newspaper for the homeless). I’ve applied for unpaid intern positions and paid positions. The frenzy of looking for an internship is non-stop and the comfort of just having one is satisfying for some.

At some point I realized that I need more than just an internship. I need to look for an internship that means something personal to me.

It clicked over the past few weeks while I was applying for positions. I have to be excited about whatever I’m applying for.

I found myself applying to some internships that didn’t make my heart jump and that was my mistake. If I know the direction I want to go then I need to GO!

Sometimes you may not know what your passion is and or nothing may really excite you. That’s understandable and to that I say apply to anything you think may interest you. That’s what internships are for. They give you a chance to experience real life work to see what your interest are.

For me I know what direction I want to go in, non-profit organizations. I don’t want to go to work every day and not positively impact someone by the work I’m doing. So interning at a huge company that makes millions of dollars is not really tugging at my heartstrings.

I had to really do some spring cleaning.

I had to look at my resume and look at what I wanted to do and ask if they matched up.

I had all these skills listed but it didn’t really shed light on what I was really passionate about. My resume didn’t say I would be a good candidate for a non-profit organization.

I had to clean up my resume so that it matched what I was really looking for. Usually when you do spring cleaning you take out things that once made you happy and things that once worked for you.

There comes a time where you have to reevaluate what still works for you professionally and what doesn’t. Not to say that all my past experiences are not important and that I can’t use them again. I just have to make sure my future experiences line up with my passions.

I’m now coming into my own. Realizing where and how I want to use my skills and what new things I want to learn. I know whatever work I do has to be apart of a bigger picture.

For me it’s like reaching a new level and there are definitely growing pains. Updating my resume is not the most fun filled experience of my life but it’s necessary.

My spring cleaning is a little different this year. I need to take out what I don’t need, focus on my passion and…GO!


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Jenay Smith

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