Sports cinema draws movie-goers, inspires more than just athletes

By Shannon Keough
March 13, 2008

There are people who love movies and there are people who love sports. So aren’t movies based on sports the perfect compromise?

The extreme movie lovers may complain that a movie focused too much on an actual sport, while intense sports lovers will probably criticize it for being centered on a love story.

Personally, I’m closer to the movie lovers but every now and then I enjoy a good sports movie. It may not be my first choice of a movie to see, but I’m not usually disappointed.

The reason is probably because most sport movies aren’t entirely focused on the game itself. They are mainly set up to portray either the drama behind the game or are meant to be comedies but are based around a sport.

The more dramatic ones are usually very touching and have the whole tear-jerk ending. A lot of those movies are centered on team unity, determination and overcoming expectations.

Although it’s about the game, the most important things are the players, their relationships and the challenges they face. Movies that fall under that category would be “Rudy,” “Remember the Titans” and “We Are Marshall.”

Then there are the movies that are made just to make people laugh. Although they also have dramatic plots and twists, they are much less serious and don’t usually have that moving moment that makes people want to go out and change the world.

These movies would be “Happy Gilmore,” “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” and the new Will Ferrell movie, “Semi-Pro.”

Although those movies aren’t based completely on the game, the majority of the movie consists of players training and strategizing. Everything the players do is leading up to that one crucial game.

Are they eliminating too much of the sports aspect? I don’t think so because if someone wanted to watch an actual sports game, they would turn on ESPN or Comcast Sportsnet instead of going to the movie theater. Movies are meant to entertain people differently.

For a person who has never actually been a part of a real sports team, those movies depict what it’s like to be on a competitive team.

Sports fans may get frustrated because the movies aren’t accurate but the producers are probably more concerned with getting the largest audience possible and they know they will get that if they combine two separate plots into one movie.

Even more than that, movies aren’t meant to plainly tell a story, they’re meant to influence and inspire people to be the best they can be so to speak.

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Shannon Keough

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