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By Patrick Gallagher
November 2, 2010

Giants win First Series since 1954

The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series over the Texas Rangers on Monday night. The Giants who had beat up Cliff Lee in game one continued the strong play all the way through to their title victory. Strong pitching through their rotation and even into the bullpen carries this self-proclaimed band of misfits. It was Edgar Renteria with a three-run shot in the seventh that put the Giants up and the eventual win. Renteria walked off the field with not only a World Series title but also the series MVP award. This was the third road series win for the Giants in the 2010 Playoffs. With strong plays from Cody Ross, Andres Torres and the whole band of players, the Giants were able to clinch what so many in the Giant organization could not. There are countless names that could be mentioned that fought to make this orgainization so powerful. With no super stars they were the team that was just built with heart and soul. From the bat boy to Brian Wilson’s beard, this was a true team win to a historic franchise.

Read Original Story at ESPN | Nov. 1, 2010

Colts beat Texans 30- 17

Peyton Manning was everything for the Colts in their Monday night showdown versus the Houston Texans. The Colts who uncharacteristically were toppled by the Texans in week one were looking for revenge in their second showdown. In their week one matchup Arian Foster ran over the Colts and made it look as if he would never stop. It was Manning that controlled the game in every way. Manning threw for 268 yards and two touchdowns while also running for a big first down.  The Colts now have five wins and are atop the AFC South division. This is a very uncharacteristic situation for the Colts seeing that they usually have a commanding lead on the AFC South.

Read Original story at ESPN | Nov. 1, 2010

Briere suspended for three games due to dirty hit

On Monday night the NHL suspended Danny Briere for three games because of his cross check on Islanders’ Frans Nielson. Briere and Nielson faced off against each other in the third period. Before play had even started they were jawing and had to be silenced by the referee. Once the puck was dropped Briere came up and crosschecked Nielson in the face. It looked like a dirty hit but could also be chalked up to hard play. Either way he will miss three games and will add another suspension to his rap sheet. It seems that every year there is always talk about a flyers player that is involved with a suspension. No matter what time of year or the situation, the league seems to use the Flyers as their whipping boy.

Read Original Story at ESPN | Nov. 1, 2010

Bad week seven puts Hobb on the bench

If anyone is responsible for Ellis Hobbs’ demotion it would Kenny Britt. One week removed from the show that Kenny Britt put up Dimitri Patterson has been selected to start over the ailing Hobbs. Britt put up 225 yards and three touchdowns. Most of which were while he was facing Hobbs. This change is seen as a needed one and might make Hobbs a better player because of the time on the pine bench.

Read Original Story at ESPN | Nov. 1, 2010

Moss let go after dismal play with Vikings

This past Sunday, Randy Moss of the Minnesota Vikings was placed onto waivers after just 4 games played. In his second stint with Minnesota in his long 13  year career he caught just 13 passes for 174 yards and only two touchdowns. Moss was acquired from New England in a trade for Minnesota’s third round draft pick in the 2011 draft. This was seen as a great pick up and was supposed to be just the weapon that Farve needed to get over the hump and bring a title to Minnesota. The Buffalo Bills now have the first choice whether or not to pick up Moss or to pass on him. The NFL waiver system works that the last placed team is given the first opportunity and then moves up from there until all the teams have been given their opportunity. This will make for an interesting watch to see where this veteran receiver lands.

Read original story from ESPN | Monday, Nov. 1 2010

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Patrick Gallagher

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