Spamps offers laid-back, affordable dining

By Alex Pittinsky
November 19, 2009

Shannon Keough

Conshohocken is not only a town where Cabrini students reside, it is also a great town for laid-back bars and restaurants. Restaurant and bar Spamps is not just a regular bar. Spamps offers a variety of food from steak and sushi to Italian-inspired dishes and finger foods.

Spamps offers Asian-inspired dishes with a modern twist, such as the cheesesteak spring rolls. The cheesesteak spring rolls are highly recommended.

There are two sushi chefs, one from Japan and one from Korea, who constantly have smiles on their faces and work extremely fast.

Spamps opened about three years ago and was already named by the Main Line Times for “Best Late Night Spot.” The contemporary decor of the bar allows for a clean look and a warm and welcoming scene. The atmosphere inside Spamps is calm and enjoyable and undertones of basketball commentators fill the room from the two big flat-screen televisions.

“I really enjoy the ambiance in our restaurant. As you can see tonight it is a little empty but it’s only Monday. By Thursday night it gets pretty packed but it never gets rowdy,” Scott Rudolph, assistant manager, said.

The prices at Spamps are reasonable, but the service is not up to par. Spamps would be a great place to go if you are in the mood to hang out with friends all night and have a few drinks. Bring your ID if you want to drink. They are strict with IDs. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights there is a bouncer at the door and there is a DJ playing ’90s and Top 40 Hits.

“There is a good mixture of people age 21 to age 35, I feel very comfortable coming here late on a Friday or Saturday night. Also, on weeknights sometimes college students come to study or do homework while eating or watching a basketball or football game,” Missy Carbel, waitress at Spamps, said.

Spamps is also available for private parties or events with banquet rooms upstairs able to seat up to 100 people. Everyday Spamps opens at 11 a.m. and with the valet parking running from Wednesday night through Saturday night you will never have to worry about finding a parking spot, because they tend to be scarce in Conshohocken.

Next to Spamps is owner Mike Spampinato’s newest restaurant called Spampinato’s. It is strictly Italian and seafood dishes but it is connected to Spamps. The menu is a little pricier but it is strictly a fine dining experience. Once a BYOB, Spampinato’s now has a liquor license and is ready to serve anything from wine to cocktails.

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Alex Pittinsky

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