Social networking a growing tend

By Jeny Varughese
September 22, 2010

In today’s society, social networking is a big part of our everyday life. With so many different sites out there to choose from, this has become a growing trend over the past decade. However, has this huge trend gone too far or is it merely an obsession, one which we can’t get ourselves to back out from?

Many of us run on a busy schedule with school, work or both. As a result, no one has time to keep in touch with friends and family, so the next best thing is social networking.

Social networking sites have made it possible for a person to find someone they have lost touch with and get reconnected. It also allows users to connect to people who aren’t in their friend circle.

Social networking sites allow users to connect based on their common interests, religion and nationality. It is also a place to share different views and opinions about certain issues. Meeting new people and connecting with them through shared similarities and interests has become less awkward and easier through these websites.

Although it might be less personal, many people today are comfortable making friends with someone over the internet even if they haven’t physically seen each other. It’s also a place to share different views and opinions about certain issues.

Social networking has created a huge buzz worldwide. Now with so many sites to choose from, you might wonder how to know when to stop. This really depends on the individual person and what that person’s view is.

I think it’s safe to say that I myself am a part of this growing trend. I have an account on several networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, LinkedIn, hi5 and orkut, a Google powered networking site. However, I barely have time to check all these sites so I just stick to the main two, which for me are Facebook and orkut.

Also, I know several people who have accounts in multiple networking sites but don’t really have the time to juggle them all at once, so to speak. They mainly just stick to checking one or two sites, which to them is the most important.

I don’t believe anyone has the time of day to sit down and go through every social networking site they own to see what’s going on with their friends and families.  So then what is the reason behind it?

We all feel the need to be a part of the new trend so when a new site comes out we immediately sign up for it. Another reason is because we get invited to join these different sites so we just accept the invitation and create an account without really thinking it over.

Many people don’t realize that the information we put out on these sites are accessible by anyone so it’s very important to be selective when posting personal information on the web. It’s important to stay cautious and to limit the amount of information and time spent on these sites.

Social networking sites started as a trend for the younger generation but today it is also being used by older adults.

The popularity for social networking services have doubled over the last year for Americans over 50, according to the New York Times.

If we look at it in a school setting, not only do the students have accounts in MySpace and Facebook, but so do the professors.

It’s no wonder why networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become immensely popular.

This trend of social networking is something that cannot be stopped. With the immense growth in technology, new sites are sure to pop up all the time. With so many different sites out there to choose from every group of people will be able to find sites which are more suitable for them to use.

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Jeny Varughese

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