So long, cable boxes!

By Brooke Famous
November 9, 2012

If you are late to the party and have not noticed that Cabrini College no longer uses cable boxes, then they have done a pretty good job at it keeping up the signal for televisions. To give you some background on why we previously used cable boxes, the world switched from analog to digital.

For Cabrini, Comcast could not give Cabrini College the digital signal without a box. Comcast did not have the capability to change all of the systems to digital without a box, hence the box.

“So far we have less problems not using the boxes than we did using the boxes. So it’s an easier transition,” said Director of Residence Life Sue Kramer. “We don’t need to go back to the boxes since we now have the digital signal.”

Last year, Comcast came to Cabrini College with a solution to the box problem. Comcast and Cabrini College worked over the summer to be able to get a digital signal throughout the campus without needing a box. Comcast was successfully able to switch to digital by building a system where Cabrini could get digital signal into campus through a line where they were able to go back to the wall cable, hence why we could get rid of the boxes.

So whether you like the decision that was made, or despise it, the boxes are no longer a necessity for Cabrini College.

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Brooke Famous

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