Simple pleasures that cause the frown to turn upside down

By Renee Tomcanin
November 1, 2001

My roommate Katie borrowed a book from her friend the other week. It was called “1400 Things to Be Happy About.” I began to read it, and it listed simple things that make you smile. Yes, many of these items did bring a smile to my lips, but there are many other things that make me a happy kid. So, since we’re in that slump between fall break and Thanksgiving, just having taken midterms and gotten them back and considering the state of world affairs today, I thought we could all use something to smile about. So here is my list of things that make me smile and hopefully you too

Fuzzy blankets: These are otherwise known as Velux blankets to most people, you know, the ones that are between the sheet and the bedspread in most hotels. There can be nothing better than wrapping your tired self (or even your regular self) up in one of these on a cold evening, especially if the blanket is right out of the dryer.

Finding $10 in your pocket: Enough said. We all need money, and ten dollars is a good amount, no matter who you are. It is the perfect amount of money that can provide many things. You can go get a midnight snack at Minella’s or a Shorty at Wawa. If you have an extra five or six dollars lying around, you can get a CD or something else fun for yourself, and there is that added joy of finding something worthwhile.

A new box of Crayola crayons: I took this one right from the book, but it is very true. I love to color. Coloring alone should make you smile, but consider how true this is. You open the box, and that fresh scent of wax and just crayon happiness is there. Each color is in its place according to color scheme, new, sharp and ready to color in the finest places in Blue’s coloring adventures. You know exactly where Robin’s Egg Blue and Jungle Green are. Your Black is not worn down to the nubbin. Life is good.

Pajama pants: Again, a fabric thing. Ever since they put pockets in them, I require no other leg covering. They are comfortable, soft, breathable, did I mention comfortable? The best part is you can roll out of bed and go straight to class. Plus, they have fun designs on them.

A good conversation: We are so busy. When do you have the time to sit and chat with a friend or even a stranger? That chance seems so rare that when we do have a nice conversation, it can make our day, even our week. So, if you are having a so-so day, I highly suggest finding someone to talk to.

Getting a good grade on a test that you thought you did horribly on: No need to elaborate here.

Going to the cafeteria and finding something you like to eat: Chicken nugget day! It brings a smile to everyone. It seems that we are stuck in routine when we go to the Wigwam or the Caf, so when they serve something unusual that we love, like manicotti, it is a great day.

A phone call/letter from the last person you expected: Everyone loves phone calls. Everyone loves the mail. When it is from someone unexpected, the day is just brighter.

And finally, for my roommates, a hippo bedtime story: We all love bedtime stories, no matter how old we are.

I hope I “made you smile for a little while,” to quote a Flock of Seagulls. It is nice to know that with all the stress we face, little things can make us feel better.

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Renee Tomcanin

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