Never too old for Crayons!

By Bridget Medori
September 11, 2012

People of all ages can enjoy the simple beauty a crayon can create. From melting them to grating them, one thing is for sure: crayons are not just for coloring.

Crayon art is accessible and affordable for those looking for an artistic escape, or for students just looking to spice up their dorm room decor. This is because most people already own most of the supplies needed.

Instead of coloring with crayons, how about melting them? This summer, the Internet and blogs were invaded by this new student trend that is crayon art. Making melted crayon art requires some crayons, a hot glue gun, a canvas or a foam board and a blow dryer.

The first step is to use the hot glue gun to secure the crayons to the top of the canvas. Then, put the blow dryer on high and get to work! Point the blow dryer downward, heating the crayon wax until it melts, giving the illusion of dripping paint. Moving the blow dryer in a faster motion will give the wax a more splatter-like effect.

Because the melted crayon wax has a tendency to go everywhere, doing this part outside is highly recommended.

Another DIY way to make crayon art, similar to the previous project, includes melting crayons as well. In this project, crayons, wax paper, an iron, a cheese grater and some type of canvas are needed.

First, remove the paper from the crayons. Use the cheese grater to grate each crayon into pieces. Next, make a design on the canvas. Simple or complicated, anything works.

Then place the wax paper on the canvas, over the design, and use the iron to press the canvas gently. After waiting a few seconds, remove the wax paper and it is complete.

Amanda Didomenico, a junior here at Cabrini, has been infatuated with crayon art since seeing her friends post pictures of their own creations on Pinterest .Over the summer, Amanda decided to make one of her own to hang up in her room. “My room was kind of boring and predictable,” Didomenico said. Crayon art and its plethora of colors are sure to liven up any room or college dorm. “I look at it and all of its colors and it can instantly change my mood. It makes me happy!”


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Bridget Medori

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