Shunned out during lock down

By Shannon Keough
October 25, 2007

Imagine driving back to campus at 1 a.m. after seeing a movie and going out to dinner on Friday night and not being able to get back onto campus.

As we pulled into the Upper Gulph entrance, a Public Safety officer stopped us and told us there was a “situation” and we needed to find some place to go for a few hours.

First, where were we supposed to go at 1 a.m.? That’s a really scary feeling knowing that something terrible happened on campus, but not knowing exactly what.

So we waited for a little while, hoping that the “situation” would get resolved quickly.

Meanwhile, I was calling people I knew who were on campus, hoping they could tell me what was going on. Unfortunately, no one knew.

Then, another student pulled up beside us and said there was a stabbing on campus. After that, people began calling me back with the little information they knew and I figured it was going to be a long night.

Thankfully, I had some place to go, but I’m sure not everyone did. I think it’s good that Cabrini went into lock down after the incident, but I think they should have at least escorted people to their rooms if they had no other place to go.

Considering no one was allowed to leave their building, I feel like they should have been publicly informed immediately about the incident, rather than getting an e-mail at 5:28 a.m. when the lock down was over.

Cabrini students are lucky that the school is in such a safe neighborhood and I guess it never seems like these things could happen there.

Cabrini’s policies for guests are already strict and since the stabber wasn’t a Cabrini student, they’re only going to make it a lot harder for guests to come.

No matter what, though, these things are going to happen with or without strict policies and there’s no way to predict or prevent them from happening. The only thing that they can do is to protect the students when this kind of situation arises, which they did.

Cabrini did a great job in reacting to the incident but at the same time, they shouldn’t have left people in the dark for so long.

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Shannon Keough

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