Should Kate Gosselin be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

By Lauren Miskofsky
March 17, 2010

Kate Gosselin, the mother of twins and sextuplets, who just recently split from her husband, Jon, has been named as part of the new cast of “Dancing with the Stars.”  It is clear that many people are wondering how she is finding time to be able to do this when her ex-husband is away and she has eight kids to tend to.

Gosselin has decided that she will hire multiple nannies to watch over her children while she takes on her newest project.  Also, while filming “Dancing with the Stars,” she is going to be developing her own television show after the downfall of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

I believe that she should start worrying less about what she can do for herself and concentrate on her children.  The show aired five seasons and the kids are growing up quickly.

As seen on television and in many magazines Gosselin has bounced around between writing books and going on vacations with her family. “Dancing with the Stars” is a huge commitment that is going to take her away for her kids for even longer periods of time. I believe that it is completely unfair to all eight of them for her to just hire nannies.  It is shocking to me to see that she is willing to miss out on watching them grow up and the new things that they are going to be doing and saying just to be on television.

Gosselin claims that it is a delicate balance of a working mom, but how is it a good balance when you are 3,000 miles away from the ones you love on a regular basis?  She also states that she is too busy focusing on her kids to deal with the rumors swirling that she has become a diva on the show set.  All of this seems impossible to me because there is no way for her to be concentrating on her kids if she is busy practicing and flying back and forth to L.A.

Being a star and in the spotlight isn’t going to last forever or keep her financially stable.  Gosselin’s ex-husband seems to be doing nothing to contribute to the large family and help them stay afloat financially.  I think that Gosselin is stressing too much about staying in the spotlight and continuing a career in the media, rather than getting a regular job.  She was a nurse in the past and if she wants to continue a steady job and be positive that she will be able to supply for her kids, then she should go back to that.

Gosselin’s eight kids have been photographed with nothing but nannies and her nowhere in sight.  “Dancing with the Stars” is only going to pull her further and further away from them.  I believe that her priorities are not in the order they should be as a parent.  On television, Gosselin was portrayed a good mom, but as her show went down so did her relationship with her children.  I do not think that for a second she should spend any more time trying to get on television and what she can do next to be in the spotlight, whether that’s changing her hair or going on another book tour. Hopefully Gosselin can make it work and be able to supply for her kids and be the positive light in their lives the way she used to be.  =

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Lauren Miskofsky

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