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By Christy Ross
November 1, 2007


Online shopping is a popular pastime on the Internet. Every day more people opt for the quick and easy online-shopping over actually going to the store and purchasing what they want. Over the past few years, as people and computers became more high-tech, many stores decided to add their own online store. Now shoppers can have what they want, when they want, with the simple click of their mouse., the online network for retailers, offers hundreds of statistics about online shopping.

These statistics are found by online retailers asking online shoppers to take surveys and see what their likes and dislikes are about online shopping.

Online shopping offers many benefits to shoppers, maybe even more as it gets closer to the holiday season. With online shopping, one doesn’t have to wait in long, ridiculous lines for their purchases. Many sites even offer lower prices, or better discounts then they do in their stores. Shoppers can also find a wider selection online because many retail stores don’t carry everything you see online.

Many Cabrini College students choose to use online shopping when it comes to purchasing books for the upcoming school year. Sites like Amazon and offer lower prices on textbooks which students enjoy.

Junior accounting major Jenna Pinto said, “I prefer to buy my textbooks online because of the great discounts that are offered. It’s also a great place for students to share books.”

Clothing and accessories are also frequently purchased over the Web. Senior political science major Michael Keating said, “I normally buy clothes when I’m online shopping. I think online shopping is great! It’s easier to find things you want and for cheaper prices sometimes.”

Pinto also enjoys shopping for clothes online. “When a store doesn’t have my size in stock I find it online,” Pinto said.

Online shopping isn’t always beneficial. Most online stores make you pay some sort of shipping and handling along with your purchases. Victoria’s Secret online site offers free shipping for orders over $50, sometimes more. That can be great for someone who is planning to spend a lot of money, but what about those who only want to purchase one item?

Another problem with online shopping for clothes is you never know if it will fit correctly. If it doesn’t, you have to send it back usually with some additional charge.

“I enjoy online shopping, but if I didn’t know what size I needed in a shirt or pair of pants I definitely wouldn’t buy them online,” Pinto said.

Many shoppers also worry about credit card scam.

“With online shopping you always have the scare that your credit card information might be stolen,” Keating said.

By not shopping online, one won’t have to worry about having their information stolen.

There are many new features being added to online sites all the time. From shipping to returns, one can find new options for their purchases. With the holiday season approaching check out your favorite online sites for new shipping features and discounts.

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Christy Ross

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