Shaolin Studios empowers students

By Rachael Renz
October 22, 2009

Shannon Keough

Looking through the glass windows, a passer-by can see the kicks, chops and sweat that fill the space of the Shaolin Studios. The studio is packed with students eager to learn a new skill and advance to their next belt level.

Daniel Simmons, chief instructor of Shaolin Studios, has two different black belts. His experience includes training for 18 years and spending time in De- Ng-feng, China developing his craft with monks.

Shaolin Studios is located on West Lancaster Ave. in Wayne, Pa. The studio offers classes like cardio kickboxing, self-defense classes and chaun-fa, the oldest style of martial arts. The range of ages includes children at the age of 3 to adults at the age of 70.

“The main thing we express to our students is that we aren’t teaching them these skills for confrontational reasons. We want overall health for the individual by focusing on internal and external martial arts skills,” Simmons said.

There are many benefits to martial arts including weight loss, strength and flexibility building, improving health and, of course, learning the basics to self-defense. Also, just one hour of cardio kickboxing can burn up to 600 calories.

Not only are you learning great skills, you are also learning them from experienced professionals. All of the senseis are black belts and Grandmaster Steve DeMasco also trains with the FBI.

“I would be interested – hands down. I have my second-degree black belt in tae-kwon do and would definitely recommend that other students try it out,” Amar Desai, sophomore pre-med major, said.

“Whenever I teach self defense classes I always tell my students who drive to keep your car alarm with them at all times. If someone breaks into your house, the alarms are usually silent. Setting off your car alarm will draw attention and will scare off your offender,” Simmons said.

By coming to the studios you will learn different techniques for self-defense including how to get out of different situations. If someone is holding a knife, club or a gun at you, the senseis can show you how to save yourself from potentially being hurt.

“The main thing that I want my students to learn from their lessons is to walk with attitude and be aware of their surroundings,” Simmons said.

Shaolin Studios would also like to offer Cabrini College students a free one-on-one lesson for cardio kickboxing or martial arts and will also include a free kubanton, used for self-defense, that can be used as a keychain for easy access and is also used by police officers. If you would like to receive a free lesson and kubanton contact Daniel Simmons at: or at 610-902-0222.

Rachael Renz

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