Senior week confusion and costs

By Shannon King
May 1, 2003

Senior week. One last chance to party with the people we’ve spent four years with. The events this year sound great. Wednesday is Spirit of Philadelphia, Thursday is a barbecue and Battle of the Sexes, and Friday will be Dorney Park and Dave and Busters. All of the events will cost somewhere around $60 per person. Well actually, I’m not exactly sure how much it will cost because I’ve heard about 20 different prices from various people.

Considering the fact that $60 is not that bad for that many activities, if that is the price, I’m not sure anyone would have a problem with shelling out the dough. The problem starts when there is no communication between the students and who’s organizing the events.

At Commencement Kick-off we each got a list of all of the activities, but there was not a single price on the paper and not everyone was told a dollar amount. For some people, getting together $60 is a problem. With senior week quickly approaching, maybe it would be a good idea to let everyone know exact costs in enough time for people to save up.

Another problem is that some people didn’t realize that we would have to pay anything for our senior week. The college is picking up the costs of transportation and a portion of the events, but didn’t we have fundraisers also for things like this? Did we just not raise enough money? Maybe a part of the problem is that when there were fundraisers for the senior class, they weren’t advertised.

Hopefully senior week will be a good time, but in the future I think seniors should be given more details about what is going on and how much everything will cost well in advance. Nobody wants to have dig through false information to get to what is really going on.

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Shannon King

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