Senior tennis star not quite ready to call it quits

By Justin Bostwick
October 2, 2008

Dina DiTaranto, senior graphic design and studio art major, recently was selected to be player of the week for tennis. This was the second time she was selected for this honor for her performance on the tennis team.

DiTaranto attended Holy Cross High School where she began to play tennis at a competitive level. This is her eighth year involved in the sport.

However, DiTaranto was not always a tennis player. Before she developed her talent in tennis, she was on the swim team. All of her hard work as a swimmer really showed her that she felt comfortable being a part of a team. It was actually her swim coach who supported her wishes of being part of the tennis team at her high school.

“I don’t really have a tennis idol, but my swim coach is really motivational,” DiTaranto said.

Although there is no tennis idol in the life of Dina DiTaranto, she is a huge fan of tennis phenom, Roger Federer. It is only expected that someone so talented in the sport would follow the professionals.

“He’s ranked No. 1 in the world,” DiTaranto said.

Tennis was not the only thing that caught her eye when it came to choosing Cabrini over other schools.

Aside from her long hours dedicated to the sport, DiTaranto is a graphic design and studio art major. When she was looking at colleges, she was extremely impressed with the program Cabrini had to offer. The combination of the art program and the tennis team made her decision a much clearer one to make.

DiTaranto spends roughly 18 hours a week practicing. Clearly, all of her work pays off since the team has a 4-0 season so far and she is nominated player of the week. It isn’t always easy balancing an 18-credit schedule with 18 hours of tennis a week, but she finds the way to make it all work.

Her hard work does not go unnoticed. DiTaranto’s parents make an effort to attend every tennis match she plays. They show a true devotion to drive all the way from Cinnaminson, N.J., DiTaranto’s hometown, for every match.

This is DiTaranto’s senior year here at Cabrini. After college life, many people leave their sport behind. However, DiTaranto has other plans.

“I would like to join a league after I graduate,” DiTaranto said.

As for her time remaining here at Cabrini, she plans to finish out the season as successful as possible.

DiTaranto is pleased with how the team has been performing so far this season and has faith that they will continue to keep up their vigorous work.

“We’re 4-0 right now and half the season is over. We’re ready to bring back a CSAC win,” DiTaranto said.

Justin Bostwick

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