Seniors end four years of athletic excellence

By Linsey Heiser
December 7, 2000

Lori Gibbons has played tennis for Cabrini for four years and has been captain of the team for two. One of the greatest benefits of playing tennis for Lori has been the relationships she has made with other team members. A few of the things that Lori will miss at the end of these four years are all the friends she has made and the “wonderful members of the education department.” Some of the special memories that Lori will remember about her college years are the dances, playing tennis and hanging out with her friends.

Lori is an Early childhood/ elementary education major. “I love to work with children and to the opportunity to have an impact on their lives,” Gibbons said. Presently, Gibbons is student teaching kindergarten at Eagleville Elementary school. After graduation, Lori looks forward to obtaining a teaching position in an elementary school.

Linsey Heiser

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