Seniors embrace their final season

By Christine Blom
March 11, 2005

Cecelia Francisco

It is said, “Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.”

Seniors of the men’s basketball team have realized how true this quote is after such a life-changing and rigorous season.

As their final season as Cavaliers approached, none of these young men expected to have to endure the ups and downs that the 2004-05 season had in store for them.

“It was hard when we found out the College wasn’t renewing Coach’s contract for next year,” Messiah Reames, team co-captain, said. “It definitely affected us; we can’t say that it didn’t.”

Taking life with a grain of salt, the team found a little bit of time to bond and play practical jokes on each other.

“Some of the best times we had were when we were in South Carolina. We just had such a great time playing tricks on the freshman,” Wesley White said.

Being on the road is one of the things that the guys love most about basketball at Cabrini.

“When we are on the road, it’s good because we get to hang out with eachother,” Reames said. “We eat together, hang together and do everything together. We really get to bond.”

This year was a “Good” season for the Cavs.

“Ever since Jim Good, the sophomore, transferred in, Coach would say ‘Good, Jim Good,’ after every shot someone made.” Ty Teasley said. “It was funny, I guess it was kind of an inside joke.”

The Cavs went to the PAC semi-finals with a 14-12 record which was outstanding, even better for the seniors.

“I think it was good season overall, a couple of bumps here and there but it was good,” White said. “The team bonded as a whole and there weren’t really wasn’t any one player who thought they were the superstar of the team.”

One thing this year’s team learned about was determination. This was one lesson Coach Dzik instilled in his players, both on and off the court.

“Coach always made sure we put school first. Basketball was just a perk, he expected us to pass all our classes and graduate,” Teasley said. “He really pressed school.

Dzik usually expressed how much he wanted his guys to achieve, especially against teams he disliked.

“I’ll never forget, right before a big game last year, Coach really wanted us to beat the other team. He said, ‘Let’s go piss in their cornflakes!'” White said. “It was hilarious. The team and the rest of the coaching staff fell out laughing.”

In keeping with the Cavalier tradition, the men’s team considered themselves a family, like brothers, seniors in particular.

“I came with these guys and in a few months I am going to leave with these guys,” Reames said. “They are my brothers.”

“It was definitely a good run while it lasted. I’m leaving with friendships and new family members,” White said.

This year’s seniors wanted to express to all the underclassmen on the team how important it is to bond and to stay united as a team.

“Remember that there are only five people on the court at a time and only five people who can win the game,” White said. “The most important thing is to bond and be a family on the court, but most importantly off the court. If you have that and go on the court knowing that your family members have your back, you’re unbeatable.”

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Christine Blom

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