Seniors embark on new adventure after graduation

By Lauren Miskofsky
April 14, 2010

The school year is rapidly coming to an end and it is time for the seniors to start locking in their plans for the future.

Many seniors know exactly where they stand and how they would like to continue their lives after graduation in May. Others who are unsure are taking on one more semester or year at Cabrini.

Despite their four years at Cabrini coming to an end, they say it is an exciting time in their lives because they are now becoming adults and are stepping out into the real world to begin their careers.

Emily Dispoto, senior psychology major, has a bright future ahead of her after she graduates. “I am enrolled at LaSalle University’s Graduate Program for the fall. I will be receiving my masters in clinical counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy,” Dispoto said.

After she has completed the two-year program she will be a licensed counselor as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist. “I decided on getting my masters because my long term goal is to be a clinical psychologist and have my own practice. A masters program is a great way to ready myself for a PhD program,” Dispoto said.

Attending graduate school is a great idea for the many seniors who are planning on doing that. Some seniors, however, will be jumping right into the job pool and looking for a career next fall like Kevin McMenamin, senior marketing major. “I am planning on working full time down the shore, saving some money and then looking for a career in the fall,” McMenamin said.

Although the economy is not in its best condition right now, 95 percent of Cabrini College graduates obtain a job just nine months after graduation. With a percentage like that graduates will be able to overcome this tough economy and reach the goals they have set out to do after they completed graduation.

Many students have been working hard experiencing different types of internships to prepare themselves for their future and putting extra time in to build up their resumes.

As for Steven Forrester, a junior biology major, with a concentration in pre medicine, he is graduating a whole year early. “After I graduate next month I plan on applying to and attending pharmacy school,” Forrester said. He worked very hard to be where he is and made sure he was always on top of his school work. “I am very excited to be joining the class of 2010 next month on the graduation stage, but I will be sad to leave all my friends who aren’t graduating until next year,” Forrester said.

Lauren Miskofsky

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