Sending the violations home

By Jessica Giordano
March 15, 2001

by Jessica Giordano
staff writer

Underage drinkers at the University of Delaware do not get off so easy. Since 1997, whenever students whose parents help them pay tuition break the drug and alcohol rules, a notice is sent to their parents.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the number of institutions with parental-notification policies has grown since October 1998, That year Congress passed an amendment to the Higher Education Act that allowed colleges to notify parents any time a student under 21 violates a drug or alcohol policy on campus.

The motivation behind such a policy is not to scare students, according to college officials, but rather to have parents be part of the solution to the problem of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Chronicle reports that the 63 institutions that had policies in effect for the fall-1999 semester, 52 percent of the schools reported that violations had been slightly or significantly reduced.

“I believe it is a good policy.” Charles Schaffner, director of public safety here, said on the current policy at the University of Delaware.”When young people are away from home they sometimes lose touch with their families.”

Schaffner thinks that such a regulation would be effective because it can get the parents involved if there is a serious problem developing.

Several students did not think the University of Delaware policy’s would work here at Cabrini.

“I don’t think it would work because people always have a way of getting hold of something,” junior biology major Meghan Towers said.

“There are so many ways you can avoid having your parents see a violation,” sophomore Dori Cutler said.

Junior Justin Christian said that such a policy would only anger students. “That’s why we move on campus – to get away from our parents,” Christian said.

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Jessica Giordano

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