Seasons 52 in King of Prussia brings customers in with an always-changing menu

By Ariel Crawford
October 22, 2010

For those searching for something different in the dining department Seasons 52 is there to help. The restaurant, which describes itself on its website as “casually sophisticated” opened its King of Prussia location March 29, and aims to set itself apart from the competition with low calorie items and an ever-changing menu.

The Seasons 52 menu changes with both the weeks and the seasons. On a weekly basis the soups, flatbread pizzas, fish dishes and featured entrees all change. Four times a year, at the onset of the spring, summer, fall and winter, the entire menu changes save a few of the most popular items.

The autumn menu is currently being featured. Dishes include butternut squash soup, grilled Portobello salad, roasted squash and the pumpkin pie mini-indulgence, a smaller version of the famous fall dessert layered like a parfait and put in a shot glass, complete with whipped cream.

Although the Seasons 52 menu changes every three months. It does not change at the beginning of those months instead. Instead, the menu changes on or around the exact start of the new season. So, the autumn menu has been featured since Sep. 23 and the winter menu will begin Dec. 21.

Seasons 52 has made health a priority no matter what the season. All the dishes on the menu, even the desserts, are either 475 calories or less. Much of the food used is grown organic or locally and is prepared with as little additives as possible.

“We did not originally make being low calorie our first priority. Healthy food is our first priority but the two go hand in hand,” said general manager Brian Grossman.

But it’s not all about the food. Seasons 52 also offers a large and diverse drink menu, which features over 100 wines, 60 of which are available by the glass. The restaurant takes great pride in its wine list. Some of the featured wines are made from organic grapes and Seasons 52 is the winner of Wine Spectator magazine’s 2003 Award of Excellence.

There are also a number of original mixed drinks on the menu. Hostess Lauren Kosiorek said some of the most popular include the Mandarin Orange Cosmopolitan and the Raspberry Sweet Teanini.

Seasons 52 aims not only to be generally healthier all around but to meet the specific dietary needs of many of their customers. In doing so, they have come to offer special vegan, vegetarian, garlic free, gluten free and low sodium menus.

Seasons 52 is a relatively new chain of restaurants based mostly out of Florida and Georgia. The first opened in Orlando in 2003. There are 19 locations nationwide and the King if Prussia location, which is on the perimeter of the mall, is the only location in Pennsylvania.

The Seasons 52 in King of Prussia is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 pm and on Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. They are always welcoming walk-ins but do recommend making a reservation if you’re planning on coming in during the peak rush hours.

“We’ve been open less than a year but we’re just as popular as other restaurants in the mall,” said waitress Angela D’Antonio. “There are always people outside willing to wait for their turn.”

Although Seasons 52 can get very busy they still aim to provide the best customer service possible.

“We get to know our customers very well when they’re sitting at the table,” D’Antonio said.

Grossman explained that creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere is a big part of being a successful restaurant.

“We aim to create an atmosphere that is casually sophisticated and comfortably inviting at the same time because we have all kinds of people that come in here families, students, older adults.”

Seasons 52 aims to make their interior stand out yet feel cozy with details like a fireplace, brick walls,  a piano bar and padded cushion chairs. The restaurant also features live music every night and outdoor seating where customers can see their food being cooked when the weather is nice enough.

It’s easy to contact Seasons 52. They can be called at 610-902-1152. Their Facebook page, which features things like youtube videos on healthy eating, a which mini-indulgence are you quiz and reviews from, can be found at They can also be found at their official website or on twitter at

Ariel Crawford

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